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    This is not your ordinary little Home Depot/Costco style utility trailer. This one is built tough.

    49" inside width
    98"inside length
    18" tall sides
    Capacity is 1350 lbs. (Although I have carried 2000 lbs. of stone in it)
    Trailer weighs 650 lbs.
    Leaf Springs
    12" rims
    Capable of being towed at 100MPH.
    2" ball
    5 "D" rings; tie down points
    Fits two sportbikes
    Lights work properly
    Spare tire
    Ramp included

    Asking $800 OBO...

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    Thanks Hoz!!! :dblthumb:

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    Dude, that was one hell of a night!

    I got home at 4:00 am and was then up at 7:30 am so that I can head to work this morning.

    By the way, you're rug didn't make it out of Sandy. Its by the SconeCutter on 90th South!!