So, when you guys leaving?

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Idaho Wolverine, Jun 12, 2006.

  1. Have you guys figured out when you are leaving for the races on Friday? ;D
  2. Sometime around 8 is what I am being told and Im not sure if Tanamans group and Hozehead group are all going together yet or not!

  3. Hozhead

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    I doubt that both groups are leaving at the same time.
    As far as the actual departure time goes, you'll have to ask AlxandrthGr8. I believe he has class that morning (PEER PRESSURE HIM IN TO DITCHING).
  4. Im not agianst having some breakfast and a coffe somewhere before we leave im in no big hurry we wont miss much by showing up in the late afternoon.
  5. I cant get out of the class it is some certification for work. so I wont be able to leave until like 3:00 or 4:00, so I doubt anyone is going to want to wait
  6. yeah i am not waiting for you :flipa
  7. Tanman

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    OK, my group decided to drive my mini van to the races because we are camping. We also want to be there in time to watch superbike qualifying at 2:00. The schedule is online now at the tracks website. Anyways I know it sounds lame but we're taking the easy way down.
  8. do you want the trailer?
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    Mini Van vs. Sport Bike

    That's a SAD selection.
    I don't blame you on wanting to drive down. It would certainly be an easier trip.
    I want to stick with the riding plan because it will be fun to have our bikes down there and will make getting to/from the races each day MUCH easier.
  10. Tanman

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    Nope, don't need the trailer but much thanks for the offer.
  11. Wish i could watch those guys race in person!!! I'll be out there the weekend after racing myself though. Anyone else staying for the track day on Monday? I think theres about 5 guys from Idaho so far.
  12. shea and i are staying i believe
  13. One of my guys is running on the track Monday too. He is Captain Spencer and will be on an R6. I dont have the spare funds to do the track yet :mad:
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    You've got a PM.

    Also, idgsxr1k and I are going to leave Boise at 10:30am on Friday. If we can meet up with you in Mt. Home, that would be great.
  15. MAN, WHAT A TRIP!!!!

    That is my first race at a track. I have been watching them on TV for years but in person it was a whole new experiance.

    Hope all you guys that went got back OK.
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    So far, so good.
    Two guys stayed for a track day but they hauled their bikes down anyway so they should be just fine.