Snake River Yamaha Bike night. Aug 3rd

Discussion in 'Meetups' started by 2wheelsdown, Aug 2, 2013.

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  1. dang, sorry to hear this........I left before that happened. I was hanging with some new friends from Virginia, Tenn., and Whidbey Island, WA. Most of us took off to go riding around after the slow race. Hope they were not seriously hurt.
    And too bad about the collateral damage to someone else's bike.
    Funny, (sorta) I had a conversation there earlier w/ another friend (sport bike rider) about the fact that he won't even ride in a group that has someone not wearing a helmet.

    No helmet???? I just don't get it.

    Common's kinda like a super power!
  2. Sounds like I missed a eventful night. Hope she's o.k. tho!

  3. So she was stunting?
  4. I vote Conrad to become a Mod. The amount of time he spends on this forum and his ability to view all posts as objectively as possible.
  5. haha! NO.
  6. SECOND the HELL NO!!! He will run a muck with the power trip hunger! He become drunk off the power he hold! He will turn it into a dictatorship!!! Much like Cuba!!! :)
  7. :rofl:
  8. :eatpop:

    e11Charlie for President!!!!! :wheelie:

  9. With his wardrobe he can be first lady also.
  10. LOL!!! I second the President nomination and this!
  11. :rofl::dblthumb::2cents::woohoo:

    Got my vote.. although I my vote really does count..
  12. NOPE. There would be almost no rules if I were a mod. :laughing:
  13. Anarchy, Anarchy----I don't know what it is, but it sounds cool!!!!
  14. Try reading the very next sentence.
  15. After reading what some of the mods have posted, again not anyone in particular or any particular thread, just going back based on my memory from previous spirited threads, I thought there weren't any rules. If the Mods do it, I figure it's fair play.
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  16. ShotGunBetty

    ShotGunBetty <img src="/images/ranks/forum_admin.gif" alt="BRN

    There will be no new mods.
    We have 3 fairly active mods - Keri, Bill and Bobby. (Did I miss someone? Sorry!)
    Travis, Waldo and I are also monitoring and lurking.

    There are enough mods and admins ... if this continues to be a problem - threads will be locked and warnings will be issued and so on.... you want regulations and want to whine about everything then here you go ......

    Be Prepared-- your NEGATIVE posts may be "MODIFIED" to something fun and special......or deleted. Threads may be locked or deleted.

    I am tired of this.... I do a lot to try and bring people together in this community and others .... if you want more regulation your wish shall be granted....

    I believe someone kindly provided the forum rules already.......,
    3) Discussion and debate is highly encouraged. Being a total jerk and treating others badly is highly discouraged. Feel free to argue but stick to the topic. Personal attack (flames) will result in a warning. Several warnings (or just one if its bad enough) will result in you being banned.

    So you can all get along and lighten the fuck up and realize when things are supposed to be funny or sarcastic and move on and take it for what it is or you can go pop off on another forum that is much more heavily regulated ... you know .... alot of people appreciate BRN as a free and open place and respect that it is fun and open because mods and admin allow it to be so.

    This thread is now locked.

    If you have any further problems feel free to PM me those go to my cell phone.
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