Snake River Yamaha Bike night. Aug 3rd

Discussion in 'Meetups' started by 2wheelsdown, Aug 2, 2013.

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  1. After that you have time to go here
  2. 2wheelsdown

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    I will be at Kuna all day with the family. Having a blast.
  3. Sounds good to me
  4. Been on shift every time this comes up
  5. That sucks man. you plannin on going to the 208 show next weekend?
  6. If blizz is then well so are we. See u there
  7. There is a Craps, Roulette, and 21 table.
  8. brandon will never leave
  9. The night ended early when a rider took a spill and whacked their head on the asphalt. You guessed it, no helmet. The band stopped playing, they stopped the weenie race and all stood by waiting for the ambulance to arrive. To all those that think and say that it is their choice to not wear a lid; remember that if something does happen it will affect the lives of people that you do not even know. Spare all the innocent bystanders the turmoil and discomfort, wear a helmet.
  10. Not good at all.. Was it anyone from here.. hope not.

    Oh... & anyone get a picture for the squid thread?
  11. She knocked my buddies bike over in the process. F'd up
  12. It was some lady on a brand new bike from one of the Portland or WA clubs.
  13. She was from the WA club. I was chatting with some of the people from the Portland club throughout the evening and they said that she was not part of their club. I feel sorry for a man that was obviously upset and knew her. He didn't know what hospital they were taking her to and he was hoping to follow the ambulance. I wish the paramedics would have informed him which hospital as I would have made sure that he found his way there. I didn't see it happen, and I didn't know she knocked over another bike. Sad situation for all involved and it shows that even at slow speeds one should wear a helmet.
  14. St. Lukes meridian would be my guess. being only a mile away & they are pretty well equipped (unlike some of the other hospitals in the valley).
  15. That would be logical, but when my husband was bicycling and got hit be a pickup truck at Amity and Cloverdale roads, the paramedics took him to St Al's which was much further away than St Luke's in Meridian. So one can't assume the logical according to distance. And there again, no one knew what hospital the patient was taken to. It sucks to not be told that info. That was why I felt sorry for that woman's fellow riders.
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