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Discussion in 'Rides' started by EvilEagle, Mar 18, 2006.

  1. Looks nice here so far. I'm going to head up to Boise. Planning on going to big twin to have a look around, if anyone wants to meet there around 1130 for a ride, let's go!
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    Good meeting you yesterday, Evil.
    Buzzing around town to the various shops isn't much for sport riding but I hope it helped you to get more aquainted with what Boise has to offer in terms of Motorcycle parts & gear. When its a bit warmer outside and I'm not on call, we'll have to get a group together for a real ride.
    As for Mountain Home riding areas, I'd recommend checking out Highway 20 North of town. I've taken it up to Craters of the Moon before and at least some of it should be good riding. It would be best to wait until the snow melts off in the high areas and the roads are a bit cleaner though. Driving it ahead of time wouldn't be bad either - I can't remember where the gas stations are out there.