Sat May 27, Firebird Drag bikes & sleds

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    Anyone else going to this?? I was thining about running the SV just for fun ;D. Let's see if we can get the whole board together maybe do a short ride and go watch the races.
  2. Sounds like fun, I think you are on to something there

  3. Bump. I'm in.
    I would like to see who else is going and wants to meet up.
    It looks like they open at nine and races start at 2.
  4. I might check it out if my new tires are installed in time.

    What goes on for the five hours before the races?
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    I'll be out of town that weekend for a track day in Utah or I'd definately be down for some dragging.
  6. are you riding your bike down, or truck it.
  7. Bench racing ;D, No really I dont know. I am going though, I took the day off work, woohoo 8)
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    I'm trucking it AGAIN!
    I'm taking the family down for the weekend though they'll be hanging with my wife's family while I'm at the track.
  9. I think they still race prelim stuff.
  10. I'll go give me a time and place, lets meet up. I think my wifes buddy will be racing his nos bike in that race...
  11. do we have details, ticket prices, are we going to try and go as a group, it sounds like fun, are we going to race our bikes or just watch
  12. I'll get details and post them in the next couple of days. as far as meet up throw out some suggestions.

    I might race depends on whats all involved, BTW I do know that a Snell helmet is required, so my new shark is right out ::)

    I guess my 6 year old HJC is safer :rofl:
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    Did they list a year for Snell requirements?
  14. so are we going to group this? or is every one that is going , just going to show up when ever? I am going so let me know...I will be riding with chicks on the back lol oh yea...............
  15. well it seems that alot are going out of town for track day, I wish you all lluck on that. I'll be going to firebird, and due to alot of people going to track day I am just going to head out to firebird about noon, if you go to firebird look for my bike I will be taking it, and maybe we can do I ride after if any one else show up.... I will be sitting on pit side. black jacket gray strip.

    good luck at track..
  16. So far I plan on going still waiting to hear about ticket prices and times and what not
  17. I heard the tic are about $22, but I am unable to find the prices on their web site. I think that alot of us are going to track that day or the night before so it may just be a few if not one or 2 going to FB,,

    the info:

    19th Annual
    Spring Bike & Sled Drags
    presented by Woody's Outdoor Power, Carl's Cycle Sales,
    Canyon Honda & Big Twin
    Saturday, May 27th
    Major Bike & Sled Race `n Show,
    plus full slate of Gold Cup Point's Racing
    Opens: 9 am, Racing: 2 pm
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    Ben@ISB and I are the only members of this site that are DEFINATELY going to the track day in Utah. Pesticide and svbmudssa are considering it but aren't sure yet (that I know of).

    If you hound a few others here, they'll go to the drags with you. They just need a little proding. Got a nice electric cattle prod? Watch out though, Gr8Dane is into that stuff. ???