Riding this week?

Discussion in 'Rides' started by Nick1983, Sep 10, 2006.

  1. I'm planning on getting out of the house mid-week to go for a ride. Anybody interested? I was thinking about doing the Emmett/Horseshoe Bend loop. Its nice and easy, and plus, it doesn't take long. I could do Idaho City too... it'd just be way too tempting to continue through to Lowman.

    Post up what night would be good for you guys and where you'd like to go/what time.
  2. Hozhead

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    I'm probably down as long as its not Wednesday night.
    I've got aspirations for Lowman on Saturday as well.

  3. Can't do week days.. :tantrum: but gonna try for saturday. Also nick im gonna try and have that CD for ya wednesday at work. The cd with your "cornering" pixs..... :angel:
  4. Im off this weekend and Lowman sounds really good. Just let me know.
  5. Yeah I think I can make it, how about you nick
  6. I could probably do a ride this week just post up time and date.
  7. Hozhead

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    There is a lowman ride with schedule posted up.
  8. I could pry sneek out of work early one day, let us know.
  9. Ok, wednesday is bad for Hoz, and if it ends in "day" 1ce is either working or sleeping... ;D
    How about Thursday at 6pm? Emmett/Horseshoe Bend or Idaho City and back?

    You guys pick.
  10. Count me in... I vote HS Bend/Emmett
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    I'll go for either.
  12. :devil1: HS/Bend sounds good thursday 6pm is my vote.
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    Okay Nick, it sounds like you've got a concensus. Time to post the details as a new thread and get people signed up. We're going riding!
  14. I've got thursday off of work... So that means i can ride any time thursday. Being my only day off during the week, im going to try and get some good video of my wheelies. So earlier br the ride im gonna b doing that. But i've got a night flight that i gotta do to emmett around 9:30pm....so as long as we are (or I am) back b4 then.
  15. I'm sure you'll have plenty of time. Emmett 2x in one day? You're a brave man.
  16. alright, count me in. I'll c if i can get a guy from work to join.

    2x to emmett. Kinda, we're flying over boise, emmett then to ontario. Gotta get my night hours in. Not plannin on landin anywhere tho
  17. count me and 2 other riders from twin falls in..
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    Its awesome that you guys are going to come from Twin Falls to ride with us here!!
  19. Good deal! Are you guys doing the Thursday evening ride or the Saturday morning ride?

    +1 for coming up!
  20. I am in for thursday and saturday