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  1. hey whats up everyone. im trying to get a ride set up for this sunday. if you wanna text or call me you can 951-941-7692.
    there is 4 of us so far. would like to meet up in payette around 11 and ride up hwy 95 to hwy 55 in McCall. then back down 55 to boise..
  2. Another Temecula/Riverside rider. I cant do Sunday, but keep me posted for future rides.

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    Sounds like a fun ride. Mine is loaded but I am sure others will join in.
  4. The McCall Loop is always one of my favorites. Especially this time of year before the tourist get nuts in McCall and it takes forever to get through town.

    Sounds good to me. Weather permitting count me in.
  5. Would love to ride yet this weekend is no good for me
  6. Are you a Facebook user? There is a local riding group that has become more active compared to this forum. It's called Chicken Strips and Lattes.

    I prefer forums, not a big FB user.
  7. Ah, bogus riding goons and pansies??
  8. There is nothing wrong with Bogus, especially since they repaved the upper portion last year. It's a nice ride to beat the heat in the summer if you don't have time to go do the Lowman or Stanley loop.
  9. Thanks for that little update. Have only lived around here for awhile and have no idea what's going on.
  10. That's some funny shit right there
  11. X2
  12. Well, no one called back to say if the ride was on or not so I guess that no one went. Oh well. Maybe next time.
  13. What's wrong with Bogus?
  14. you
  15. Originally Posted by idrzrider:

    That's some funny shit right there^^^^^^^^^

  16. Is it because he's black?
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    REALLY?? Your going there?
  18. You're
  19. Other than the constant encounters with both Road a Mtn Bikes, runners, walkers, car traffic that constantly puts sand onto the roadway....and escalating development that has put driveway access in places that are not necessarily good for visibility...nothing I guess.
    Call it a personal preference then. I have lived here all my life and been on it since the '70s, on both motorcycles and bicycles, so it's lost most of it's allure. I may ride it once or twice a year anymore but that's it, and I won't ride it at speed.

  20. Fair enough. Maybe it's the time of day/week we ride it but traffic is usually pretty slim. The cyclists can be a little much at times.

    I can totally get being "over it". But for us guys that really only care about corners is there a more convenient place to ride?