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  1. well im getting my new back tire on tomarrow and im going to break it in with an easy ride possibly luckypeak and idaho city just an easy pace with slick tire.
    but your all more than welcome to meet me there.

    4:00 Snake river yamaha
    heres a pic of my bike so you know who i am
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    I'll try to meet you at Snake River @ 4pm.

    I went to Lucky Peak yesterday afternoon and the roads are good. The road to Idaho City may still be a bit sketch from the river flooding but I'd be happy to ride at an easy pace to check it out.

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    Well, I didn't do any riding today at all.

    Last night, while riding home from work at 1am, my back tire felt a bit mushy. I checked today and I had another damn flat! This is the second flat in a month and with less that 500 miles on each tire!!!
    I've got some permanent patch/plugs on hand so I pulled the tire and had it fixed in about 45 minutes this afternoon. I had to go buy a compressor first but I'm thinking its gonna be worth it. It certainly would have taken longer to have a shop repair the tire and I'm sure my fix is every bit as good as their's.
    I've wanted a compressor for quite some time and it won't take many tire changes to justify the cost of my tire tools.
  4. yeah i just had a new rear mpp put on the rear today holy shiat what a difference i love em already and there not even scrubbed in yet.
    drove around fr a bit and the weaher turned crappy again high winds etc...

    monday and tuesday are my days off so if anyone wants to ride let me know
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    You can't go wrong with the Pilot Powers unless you count being a nail magnet as going wrong ???
    I'm just glad I've got the stuff to repair them now instead of buying a 3 rear tires just to break 1000 miles this season.
  6. yeah im not a big fix the tire guy i dont trustem
  7. BTW, the road to Idaho City is pretty clean. I did an extended lunch ride up there Thursday. ;D

    Almost time to head over to Lowman.

  8. I have mon tues off too, where to go is the question of the day :dblthumb:
  9. Dang another nail. where do you ride, I want to make sure I dont go there.