Ride Today (Saturday) and Sunday 29th &30th

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  1. Me and some of my buddies are gonna head up to ID city b4 my class, but afterwards (around 530 tonight) Im wanting to go for another ride. Anyone else up for it let me know.

    Also, just about anytime sunday i can go for a ride too. So u guys just tell me whens a good time for you and we're set!

    Kevin (713-5996)
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    Okay sports fans, here's the plan:

    Saturday, May 29th - Bogus Basin opening day!!
    Gas station (Jackson's I believe) at the bottom of Bogus Basin Road.

    We've had reports that the road is clear at least half way up but we'll try to be conservative today to make sure.

  3. Sorry gotta make the donuts, or whatever I do at work. :mad:
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    That's too bad. I just met yet ANOTHER SV rider and invited him along. Not sure if he can make it this time but I'm sure we'll get him out for a few rides soon. He lives across the street so I doubt he'll be able to hear the bikes roar away without wanting to go.
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    Ride Report

    Well, the ride went fairly well.
    The roster consided of:

    We rode failry conservative in order to keep an eye out for sand and its a good thing we did. The first 3/4 of the ride up was great with only a few sandy spots that were easy to see. The last 1/4 is definately not ready for riders due to LOTS of sand and water running across the road. We rode up just to check it out but we kept it to about 20mph or less during that stretch. There was one place where we had to ride through 4" deep water for about 30 feet.

    The view from up top is nice. We saw a big storm moving in and figued we'd beat it home. We were wrong.
    I'm not sure what 1ce got stuck in but by the time the rest of us got too the connector the wind was really bad with dust and debris blowing around. We almost made it up to the freeway before it started raining. The rain picked up quick so we pulled off and parked the bikes under an awning to keep out of the rain while the roads were really slick from automotive oil being washed around.
    Then the lightning hit. We ended up getting some dinner before finally riding home and that worked out fairly well. The roads were wet (not a big deal) but at least the torrential downpour had stopped.

    I'm excited for the road to be clear the whole way up. I'll be able to work on technical stuff a lot this season.
  6. I am pretty sure they sweep it for the bicycle race in may or june. I guess I should do a search to find out when.
  7. Unless they added a new race there aint no race up that hill in May or June and they never sweep that road. Be careful, you guys and girls know we've lost a few riders up there right? Not trying to sound like DAD but I was born here and that road has claimed some victims. You probably noticed it's quite technical.

    Also, I do the Bogus Basin hill climb every year so that's how I know they never sweep it for us. There's still sand up there in freakin September.

  8. Damn it a duacati rider lied to me :banghead:

    Thats what I get for being so trusting. I know we rode bogus a lot last year and there was always bad spots. I had my front tire slide 6 or 8" on one run and almost wrecked my day.

    We usually went slowish on the way up and a little faster on the way down, making sure to note the worst areas.

    Maybe if we get enough people we could do a bogus "cleaning" day ::)
  9. We should go up there and sweep that damn thing! ;D

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    Me and Pestilence rode up there on Friday about 4:00 and I meant to post something about how bad the conditions were near the top. Sorry I didn't post something before you guys went. It was a lot of fun most of the way but then I hit a fat pile of sand right in the middle of the road and my tire just about lost all traction. From there it was just a big mess of pine cones, sand, water, some dirt and the scary shady spots were you can't see what's on the ground. It's still a fun ride if you just ride to the last slow turn off area and then come back down.
  11. Ya the bogus run was a good little starter run for me. We took ID city earlier yesterday but traffic held us back :mad:
    About the ride home...ya that was fun too. I got to about to 10th and Jefferson st. and that was fun.... The wind was blowing west to south. but downtown the buildings must've cause what ever its called and as i was crossing jefferson st. i got hit hard with a gust of wind from west to south and almost lost it. It just felt like the front tire slid out from under me while i was going 10 mph. It almost made me turn right down jefferson instead of continuing down 10th.
    From there I took my normal route down Myrtle to Broadway to Federal Way advoiding branches, chairs, and garbage cans. As I got on to Federal Way it was quite nice. I was traveling 45-50mpg with the wind. Then i noticed that 3 stop lights were out and that the ground was wet...And before i knew it i had caught up with the storm and rain...and it rained like a mofo! I figured since i was riding with the storm that it wouldnt be that bad. But as it poored down and blew the same direction, u couldnt see the ground and it looked as if we weren't moving due to the wind blowing the rain/mist. But i made it home ok :dblthumb: (soaken wet) lol.
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    We'll have to get another Bogus ride setup for an evening this week and get BigityB and Pestilence along, perhaps the growing squad of SV riders as well. It will be like a parade of awesomeness!
  13. Oh ya, whats the plan for the ride today? If and when everyones riding. Im good anytime except 1-330
  14. Sorry I'm out again, working at 6pm

    But I am Headed out to the drags today, just to check it out, I think racing starts at 1pm. so I may or may not run.

    I don't want to be a drag racer, but it would be fun to see if I could break 100 on the old carbed SV. I have to bring/wear my old helmet though, something about Snell rating to go on the track. Makes no sense because my new one is better in every way, but those are their rules ::)

    If I get out I will post up my slow ssa'd times for all to comment on. If you want to show I'll be out there at 11:30-noonish
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    I'd love to go out and flog the F4i but I'll be at church during that time.
    I'm still considering a ride after 3:30pm today but its a real maybe because there are some things I need to do at home as well. If I go anywhere, it will probably be another Bogus ride though I'll not go all the way up.
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    Here's the news from last night's crappy storm:

    Storm knocks down trees, cuts power to 5,000 people
    statesman staff
    Edition Date: 04-30-2006

    A severe thunderstorm swept through the Treasure Valley Saturday night and brought strong winds, rain, downed trees and the temporary loss of electricity to about 5,000 people.

    Downtown Boise was enveloped with swirling dust around 7:30 p.m. as the storm raced through the area. The National Weather Service said wind gusts reached more than 52 mph at the Boise Airport. The wind was blowing so hard that the Weather Service couldn't get an accurate rainfall total, and residents of the rural Wilderness Ranch subdivision, northeast of Boise, reported 50-foot pines snapped in half, meteorologist Dawn Fishler said.

    Electrical crews planned to work through the night to get everyone who lost power back on line, an Idaho Power spokeswoman said.

    The Boise Fire Department responded to numerous downed power lines and alarms, though no storm-related fires, firefighter Tom Compton said. Ada County Dispatch was slammed with calls, and some callers received busy signals on the nonemergency lines during the storm.
  17. Be careful on Bogus road--the new construction up there is creating new hazards. There was a big diesel fuel spill on one of the tight corners there last fall that I slipped and fell on. As I was picking up my bike, a bicyclist coming down the hill almost did the exact same thing.
  18. Hey I know that guy........... :welcome:

    I think I posted a pic of your bike already too, Sorry :angel:
  19. Oh yeah, I guess that is my bike. Actually, I think I rode with some of the guys here last summer (besides the SV group). I just happened to be riding Bogus the same night they were. I'm still up there two or three evenings a week, weather permitting.
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    Hey, I remember you!
    That was a fun ride. When we met up with you, I had to talked to Ben a few times online but hadn't met up with him for a ride yet. When you said you normally ride with an SV rider, I thought of him but figured it would have been a lengthy explanation to connect the dots.