Ride on saturday????

Discussion in 'Rides' started by svbmudssa, Mar 31, 2006.

  1. So is anyone riding on sat?

    I am going out somewhere rain or shine, Screw this weather :finger:

    Pick a place and I will be there even if it's just to breakfast to BS about riding in crappy weather ;D
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    The frustration ride does sound tempting, especially considering my utter lack of riding this week.
    I'm not sure if I'll have my tire replaced until Saturday afternoon though as its supposed to be quite the task the first couple times you do it and I still need to go buy a compressor to avoid frequent drives to the gas station.
    My bead breaker will be here today though so I'll try to get started tonight.

  3. This doesn't only go out to this thread, but I'm always up for riding almost during any weather. I have weekends off so those are my riding days. But there is a catch. I do sleep in on those days. So i dont get to check these forums in time to be able join the rides. So feel free to give me call and wake my ass up or maybe i'll be up, and we'll go riding, cuz i love riding!!! So definally man, let me know if u guys are going riding or not. Doesnt matter where ur going but just to go its all good. My number is 713-5996 (verizon) so if u wanna txt free instead thats kool. But definally, if u guys are bored, give me a call or send me a PM and i'l get some of my guys and we'll go riding.