RIDE: Old highways and small towns.......Saturday 11/14/15

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  1. Meet Gowen Chevron, 8:30am, KSU 8:45

    I need to get to a few more counties for a location challenge I'm involved with.

    Route will be Boise to Jerome, Twin Falls, Rupert, Shoshone, Gooding, and back to Boise. About 350 miles. Plan on lunch at some point.

    Come along and check out some cool roads off the beaten path.

    Weather is supposed to be the nicest all week, but plan for some precipitation, wind, and cooler weather.
  2. Street bike stuff, if it wasn't clear.

  3. It was quick paced and cold temps at first. I didn't realized my gear vents were open until Jerome. Brrrrrr. I'm installing heated grips this winter while the bike is down for maintenance. It was a crisp 37 degrees until Twin. Roads were clean, sky was clear. The sun felt good shining on me all day as I zipped through the highways to Rupert. From there to Shoshone I think I maintained 90+mph as there is nobody on that highway except a few sugar beet trucks near Paul, ID. I stopped at the old courthouses and read the historical plaques and read the names on the memorials to those who have served our Country. It was a day of thought and reflection of life. Had a good burger and shake in Shoshone at the Snack Bar. They were busy but I received my food hot and fast. One last stop in Gooding finished up my goals for the ride. Hopped on I84 and paced traffic for the most part. Chanced it with my chain as it was wearing. It is now officially worn out. I'm changing ratio a bit with the next set, trying to drop rpm at higher speeds as this is my long distance bike. I'm glad the weather held out and that I was able to take one last ride around Idaho before the temps drop and the roads ice over. I'm bound to the dual sport now, not that it is a bad thing.

    Two weeks ago I rode up to Squaw Butte on the dual sport in the snow. Almost made it to the radio towers, had to push the bike a bit when the snow became too deep and slippery for my worn out rear tire.

    I rode the dual sport out to Payette and Clay Peak park this last Sunday, and about froze to the bike. I left too late in the day and arrived home after sunset. That was a mistake riding that late in the day. I had to keep wiggling my toes and fingers in order to keep the blood flowing. The heated grips were just not cutting it. I feel that the cold doesn't always bother me. Oh well. Live to ride, right!?!
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  4. Wish I'd have seen this, I could have went. Should have texted me :p
    I rarely come here anymore. I don't do facebook or anything like that either so I'm pretty much never in the loop.
    By the way, KLR is gone. Too rear heavy. After the IDBDR I realized I need something lighter so thinking of getting something like a 450f and street legalizing it, or a DR650 or something with just soft bags. The KLR was great for the butt but the vibration, lack of power and weight make it not good for what I want to do. Doing the COBDR next year :D. Probably purchase middle of winter to save $$$.
    Still have the blue beast though :D
    Fun times
  5. Awwww sorry. I need to get a bike rider list together and keep it handy.

    I'll let you borrow my DR650 if you want to see how it feels. I don't know what the worst of the IBDR was, but I'm pretty sure it should handle it. Get me some dates for COBDR. I'd be interested. I'm talking with a guy who is going to do AZ, UT, CO, ID, WA, and OR back to back. He takes like two months off and I was hoping to join him for some sections. Maybe UT and ID.

    Depending on the level of technical trail you want to attempt, I'd vote for getting a DRZ400 if you want the lighter bike. They "can" travel on the interstate if you have to, are lighter than the 650, and I think would be better suited for BDR type rides, but then again its all preference of the rider. These tracks have been completed on big 1200 bikes too. I guess it depends on how determined you are to push your equipment.
  6. I had a new 08 DRZ400 back in 09. Loved it but the motor screamed above 60. I'll be hunting around, haven't made my mind up yet. I'll gear whatever it is tall if I have to. Not looking to go "riding" like technical and climbing but adventure, traveling, fishing trips. The KLR handled the BDR and never went down once. There were some real iffy spots but I pulled through it. Only thing I really hate is on steep inclines. Its so ass heavy there is no front wheel control. That's not good on the IDBDR as 60% of that trip is up and down hill with a cliff next to ya. EEK!
    I'm going to have some fun middle to end of winter checking bikes out and trying to low ball prices.
    Fun times