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  1. Alright... so... As most of you know, or should know, Im not living in MH as of yet, but I will be there and my bro already lives there. From what he has told me, you gotta ride quite a bit of the boring stuff just to get to some decent twisties. Is this true? You guys got a favorite spot you go to all the time just to get your lean on a bit? I am not a racer, by any means, I just like the feeling I get of pulling a good racing line, well within my limits... My bike doesnt seem too happy with me if Im just running her on the straights all the time. As you all know, what the bike says goes :hail:

    So my question is... Whats the average ride distance to a place where the cops dont hang out too much, the roads are in decent shape, and there is more to the road than just holding your bars straight and the throttle in the same positon?

    take it easy, rubber side down,

  2. well liveing out in MT home I do not really know, I know you can take that road that heads up to sunvalley it looks to be ok once you get up there a little, but over here in Boise we are very close to a few good runs,

  3. we goto bogus a lot, and do the looman loop, but I dont know much about the MH area, I think you have some good area's out there somewhere
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