Regeared and Speedo-Healed

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    I'm now to +2 on the back sprocket which should give me a little bit extra oomph without going crazy.
    I did a little mental math this weekend (long ride home!) and figured that my mechanical limit was 170mph stock but I've only been able to hit 160mph because of wind resistance. Even without the tail bag and backpack, I probably wouldn't get above 165mph. The +2 cost me about 5mph of top speed so now I figure I've got the same achievable top speed but I'll get there a little quicker.

    Gr8Dane and I just installed our SpeedoHealers too. We've adjusted them for the gearing changes but will have to find an officer friendly enough to clock us sometime (on good terms) to account for factory speedo error.
  2. Sorry but your bike does not top out at 170, Maybe 150, because mine tops out at 163

    if the r6 cant reach 150 either can your bike
    this is your quote
    The report states 150 MPH on a Yamaha. That means it has to be an R1 because the R6, FZ-6 and FZ-1 (it may be an R1 motor but its tuned and geared different) aren't capable of that speed.

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    I'm talking indicated speed. I'm gonna need to have a cop radar me to get the actual speed.

    Also, it took me a LONG distance to hit 160 indicated (which is probably 145 actual). An R6 doing 150 would need some good room to get up to 150 actual mph.
  4. The Healer would have to be pretty close though wouldnt it. At least better than nothing, I would not worry about a radar I would think that it would bring you within 5+ or -, Just take her out to gowen and let her rip
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    I did some reading last night.
    Apparently, most manufacturers try to get the odometer as close as possible but they make the speedometer optimistic on purpose.
    Its impossible to have both the odometer and speedometer perfect, even with the speedo-healer, because the bike uses one input to determine both numbers. Basically, we're stuck with whatever inaccuracy ration they put in on purpose. This is why motorcycle speedometers are typically accepted to be 10% at 100mph. Because its a ratio rather than a direct correlation, the faster you go, the less accurate your speedometer becomes.

    There may be some documentation online that will tell me what the actual speedo error is for my bike. I'll check tonight to see what's available for both yours and mine (since you'll end up getting one eventually).
  6. Using GPS to measure speed is generally respected by those who care about such things.
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    I have no $$ for GPS.
    I usually don't have a hard time finding cops who want to know how fast I'm going though. ::)
  8. working on bike and sleds, all the fun toys the last 15 yrs, on a bike once you get above 90+ you speedo will be so eratic it just starts raounding the numbers cuz it can get the reading it need to compute-i can max my bike out rev limit and speedo reads 203,,,,, speedo healer will help for you every day riding and yes will only give you a small ordeal is just flow with traffic