Read Before Posting: Forum Rules

Discussion in 'Trail Time' started by RideMaster, Mar 12, 2006.

  1. The rules around here will be pretty simple.

    1) We're a Motorcycle / ATV / Snow Machine kinda forum. If you've got no interest in these things, you don't belong here.
    - - Maybe its a little blunt but, its true!

    2) No nudity or other pornography will be tolerated. You'll be warned and the offending material will be removed but, if you push it, you will be banned.

    3) Discussion and debate is highly encouraged. Being a total jerk and treating others badly is highly discouraged. Feel free to argue but stick to the topic. Personal attack (flames) will result in a warning. Several warnings (or just one if its bad enough) will result in you being banned.

    4) Watch this video before posting:
    - - Its funny and amazingly relevant to the topic at hand. You'll both laugh and learn something.