RC planes....JET planes

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  1. OK that's about the coolest shiznit I've ever seen. Did you see him land that thing!


  2. Oh the landing was better than real jets! I'd still want a turbined RC helictoper tho :8):
  3. I saw some guys flying RC gliders up at table rock a few years back and it was pretty cool. They just toss them out in the wind and then start flying. they said it was very difficult actually.

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    Pretty amazing! I did not know that they were making real Jet engines for those things. I looked at the web page for JetCat and they are real.

    What a spectacular crash for a "model" airplane. Good thing they got it on video, cause it is all over but the memories for that plane. Nice fireball in the trees!!
  5. those things are wicked... no idea how I would fly one short of having a vid cam on it... then it would still crash 2 miles away from where I was o_O... another thing to watch is the rc helicopter tricks..... the things they do with those are amazing. the rotors can pivot like what, 6 directions? but they got em doing loops, hovering upside down, all kinds of things that dont look possible, check them out too, your jaw will drop :)