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Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Kwood The One, Sep 1, 2006.

  1. For Some Reason These Questions Came To Me In A Dream!

    1.Whats The Karma + - All About ?
    2.How Long Has This Site (Riding Group) Been Around?
    3.Is There Only One Administrator For This Site? :withstupid: :dunno: ;D
  2. Hozhead

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    1) The Karma is so that you (and every other member) can rate other members.
    If someone is always trying to start something or being a pain, Smite them.
    If someone offers good advice, posts something cool, etc, give Applaud them.
    - I've just given you praise for asking these questions.

    2) This site has been around since late February of this year. We're definately still growing.
    There are a fair number of members who just read the forum but don't participate (lurkers) and there are an increasing number of active participants.

    3) Yes, there is only one administrator (for now). We haven't needed another and so I haven't waved my magic want and granted admin privelages to anyone else.
    - my admin account is "Ridemaster" by the way.

    I started the site because I've gottend WAY into motorcycles and wanted to help get things organized in the area. The Idaho Sport Bikes guys got started about the same time with the plans of being a track day provider. My plans for this site / group are to just become a kick but group of people who love riding (and other powersports). Rather than just focusing on sportbikes, this site is intended for people with cruisers, standard bikes, touring bikes, quads, snowmobiles, etc. I don't plan to ever make money with this site (heck, right now I pay for everything out of my pocket) but really want to bring everyone together.

  3. pip pip M8t.. :dblthumb:
  4. :dblthumb:
    More props for KWood.

    Now since this all came to you in a dream... does that mean you're dreaming about Dave? :laughing:

    Oh and by the way... come winter time I'm sure I'll be rambling about hunting and snowmobiles.
  5. You and me both!!!
  6. Hozhead

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    I'm hoping to rent a snow machine once or twice this winter (and perhaps involve a snowboard in the mix).
  7. snow is the devil... :thumbdown:

    Unless I take the dogs up to romp around.....
  8. I'm game to rent one as well... and since you have a truck. There's a great ride up to Silver Creek plunge where you launch at Crouch and ride up to the hot springs. Its a good one to take the lady in your life on.
    So sounds like me, Hoz, and KTM will be playing slednecks this winter.
  9. Thanks A lot how long ago did you Make This Sight? Sorry
  10. Hozhead

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    Its been about 6 months now. It technically went live in February but no one really new about it until March when I had it mostly the way I wanted it.
  11. Hozhead I post on a lot of Bike Forums (LABusas, Speedzilla, BARF,UpOnOne etc and this board tends to flow and read as good or better than any of em. Nice Job.
  12. Hozhead

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    Wow, thanks!

    I'm hoping to do some enhancements this winter when I can't spend any time riding but I've been pretty busy with work lately.
  13. CBR King

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    you know i have to admit before i became a member on here i was way addicted to myspace
    thanks for giving me somthing better to do with my internet time :smilieRR: