Discussion in 'Track Time' started by Kwood The One, Sep 9, 2006.

  1. Formula One Racing Tomorrow In Italy. Kimi Raikkonen Takes Pole By .002 of a second
  2. I have it set to Tivo. Never miss F1.

    Also there is MotoGP tomorrow. :dblthumb:

  3. F1 is my favorite. its not to big in the states though
  4. Hozhead

    Hozhead <img src="/images/ranks/site_founder.gif" alt="BRN

    I have it set to TIVO. Never miss MotoGP!!
  5. Once day I'm riding over there to LS to watch the damn race. I never can make it.

  6. Laguna seca is well worth the trip but I wouldnt ride in agian. The heat and the dirt parking lot arent cool!
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