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  1. What do you think?

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  3. Oopps sorry about the reprint back there I had Jonwoo moment! :devil:
  4. It sounds like I will have a front wheel for you tonight dave :dblthumb:
  5. looks good cant wait to see it with the under tail all in
  6. I am getting pretty anxious myself. :banghead:
  7. I bet,, it will make the ride to SLC evenmore fun
  8. and a little nerve raking, Ihad hoped to have a few hundred miles on before we left. :banghead:
  9. yeah to get thoughs kinks out, dont forget to bring the tool kit
  10. I hope to not need it as I am gonna be limited on space if I take a toothbrush and some clean undies!!
  11. I bought a battery charger today and got the 24mm from Clayon. I picked up the remainder of my stickers to take to the painter and ordered heatshielding from WPS should get it tommorrow. He doesnt however have the rivet tool for my chain and Im out of shopping time or I would go borrow the one pesticide mentioned. Clayton told me it can be done with a backing plate and a ballpean hammer..... not sure about that idea. Anybody ever done one like that?
  12. I have a chain rivet tool that you can borrow if you want.
  13. awesome :dblthumb: My number is 362-9794 I will be heading out shortly but will be back this evening aroound 8 or 9 give me a call and maybe I can come pick it up!
  14. I pm'd you with my contact information and location.
  15. Manyana, Sorry drunk shaner couldnt find the squiggly for spanish!
  16. calamar = squid

    garabato = squiggly

    best translation i can get,

    Adi?s, tengo que ir a mi clase espa?ola ahora en BSU. habla con ustedes m?s tarde.
  17. Ohhh my head :banghead: