Pictures from my day on the track!

Discussion in 'Track Time' started by Hozhead, May 10, 2006.

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    Here's a link to the pictures from the Advanced Rider Training (ART) that I did on May 7th with the Utah Sport Bike Association.

    The first page has a couple pics that I've sized and at the top of the page, you'll find links to pages with full size images that I haven't cropped down yet.
  2. Thanks alot!!! Now I'm jealous. :joke: Looks like ya had fun, wish it was me. Thanks for sharing. Gets the blood pumping, I like that first pic. the best. Someday I hope to be there. I suppose i should get a bike first though. ;D

  3. KTM, I know of a black sv60 naked on the market. I will get info for you if you want.

    1st gen
  4. Ya I might be interested. Thanks, I appreciate it.
  5. there is a pic of it in the post your bike pics section
  6. was the ART thing pretty helpful?
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    The stuff we covered REALLY helps with developing good technique and making that technique a habbit.
    The Kart Track was a GREAT place to have the ART because the small size means speeds are kept in check (if anyone did go down in a corner, it would be at 35mph instead of 85mph) and there's only one straight were you get to relax so you end up focusing a LOT on taking one corner correctly in order to setup for the next.
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    You better believe it! Full track this time. I'm hoping some of the USBA instructors are out there riding so that I can get some additional pointers.
  9. The ART school sounds good, and you have to have it before you do a open track day anyway right?

    I have to do one this year if I can. If not, next year for sure!
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    The ART school was a LOT of fun and I learned a lot too.
    Many of the Utah riders do the ART at least once a season, usually more. Its a great chance to have the fun of a track without going so fast that you'd really be screwed if you messed up.

    I'd really like to do it again in the fall but, if I can't fit it in my schedule, I'll be there next year for sure.