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  1. So I was wondering what you're guy's opinions are. Since I'm looking for a bike I found a 1995 Yamaha FZR600R with 13,200 miles, never been wrecked asking $2,100. Are these goods bikes or does this seem like a bad deal to you? Just thought I'd get some feedback. Thanks guys, catch ya later.
  2. 2100 does not sound bad to me, if you do not have a bike right now at lest it will get you on one and to hone in on some skills, then you can save up for the bike you want...

    there not to bad, looking.


  3. Sounds like a good deal to me, I like the old FZR's. Esp the dual headlight ones ;D
  4. Sounds like a good deal, and a great bike to learn on. I would go for it, Just look it over real good.
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    I've never heard a complaint about the old FZR's. $2100 for a bike with 13,200 miles is pretty sweet. You'll want to run the VIN on CARFAX.com as a general precaution but I'd say if nothing bad shows up, grab that sucker.
  6. Grab it but dont believe for a secound that it has never been wrecked, peopole dont repaint bikes for no reason, thouhg for the money I would buy the 99 gsxr 750 of Tanamans.
  7. Thanks guys I appreciate the reply's. I'm going to look at it today so we'll see what happens. I'll get the VIN so I can carfax it. I'll look into Tanamans 750 but I was trying to stay 600 or under since anything under 600 my insurance about doubles :cussing
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    I gave you good karma for promoting my bike for sale. :dblthumb:
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