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  1. I love my Fieldsheer M3, Hard armor, snug fit, looks good.

    But some will say,.."if it's not leather it's not gonna protect you." I cabn understand this reasoning for the track, but for the way I ride, I feel very confident in my mesh jackect ability to protect me.

    anyone here ever crash in mesh??

  2. " ::)"

    Are you post whoring, or is that your real opinion. ;D
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    Mesh is better than nothing but definately not as good as leather.

    The primary benefit of a mesh jacket is that it holds armor in place which will help greatly to prevent flesh tearing in the initial fall.
    Of course, the jacket has to be snug enough for the armor to stay in place.

    I've got a First Gear mesh jacket that isn't nearly as snug in the arms as it should be. I may add some kind of straps to the arms to remedy that situation - that's what First Gear did for the same jacket last year so I'm probably not far off in what I'd like to do.
  4. It was supposed to be a sheepish look because I have crashed in mesh, and I'm still embarrassed about it.
  5. So ,..... How did it do, What brand, how fast...

    Spill so that I can feel either vindicated or emasculated ???
  6. It was pretty slow, and I fell in the dirt. Aside from feeling like a complete tool, I was uninjured. Afterwards, I picked up my bike and rode away, so I guess the textiles did their job. I was wearing Olympia brand jacket and pants; the same stuff everybody and their mom wears around the valley. I have nothing against textiles and I think they are far better than jeans (although I still wear jeans sometimes).

    That said, I did buy a leather jacket this spring, and I'll be ordering leather pants this Saturday (10% off sale at Cycle Gear).