Oil coming out the spark plug seal

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  1. Some of you may recognize my drama from utahsba.

    I finally got my 94 GSXF 750 back from Jeff Spens in Murray. After about 3.5 hours of riding, I started getting oil all over the left front of the engine, by leg, my boot.

    I traced the problem to the inside right spark plug well, the oil flows out the seal that covers the top of the well that the wire comes out of. I am thinking it must be a problem with bikebandit part #406061-001.

    I am sure Jeff will fix it without charging me, but $120 in gas plus time from Boise to Murray & back, and inevitable delays, well, I like to think I can learn a lesson. Any local resources to get this done, or to help? My bike should have been done the 2nd week of June, but I only got it back this weekend.
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    I wasn't able to look up the part number on BikeBandit... can you clarify whether you have a "GSX750FR KATANA" or "GSX750FW-NEW"?

    First, let me say that since Jeff was paid to do the work, he's obligated to fix the issue. The BEST way to handle it would be to bring the issue to his attention and have him fix it.

    Because of the distance/travel involved, that's clearly not a great solution though. You can probably pay someone local to fix it for less than what the trip would cost you. I typically do all of the work on my own bike but several people have gone to a local mechanic named Clayton (can't remember his last name right now). Some have had rave reviews of his work, others have dealt with the same delays you had in Utah with Jeff Spens.
    I can get you Clayton's contact information but I'm also hoping that other members can suggest a good, reliable mechanic here to help you out as well.

    In regards to the cost of the repair, I'm willing to bet that if you took Jeff Spens to small claims court asking for him to cover the cost of either a) your trip or b) having the work done locally, you would win. You just have to be willing to go that far with it.

  3. I know a guy, I dont know what he would charge his name is Hozhead. I would not recomend anyone else at this time
  4. Oh yeah, he owes me. After phone calls monday, and his promises to fix, he didn't answer the phone all day tuesday. BUT...

    The problem was very, very loose bolts across the center fot the valve cover gasket. Problem is fixed, by me.

    But how many other bolts are loose?