oil change time,,

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  1. OK, my bike is going to be coming up on it's 600 mile old change after this weekends ride, I should have my crash kit in also this weekend, I know hoz offered to help with a sliders but you think we can do a oil change too , we will have the fairings off and stuff,,

    Also I would like to do some promoting of this site, I think we should make up some flyers and put them on peeps bike around town, I can do some graphic work, I mean I made my own siggy banner.

    Here is a link to some of the siggy banners I have done, I am not the greatest but I have fun with it.. let me know


    A.K.A. Rob
  2. If Hozhead cant I can probably help with the oil change. You have swing arm spools? I do have front and rear stands.

  3. I will when my kit gets in, it will have sliders, spools, and bar ends,,
  4. Oh yea, duh. Wonder when my frame sliders are getting here......
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    FYI - I can get Amsoil Synthetic Motorcycle Oil for $6.50 a quart. (Cycle Gear charges $10 a quart for Mobil synthetic).

    I don't get Amsoil filters because the K&N filters have a nut welded on the end that makes the change MUCH easier, plus the nut is already drilled for safety wire. K&N filters are available at Cycle Gear.

    I've only got 3 quarts on the shelf so I need to order more tonight. If anyone is interested, let me know and I'll order more than just what I need.

    I've found that most motorcycles take about 3 1/2 quarts so 4 quarts per change is usually good to leave you with a spare 1/2 quart just in case.
    Also, if you're going to be doing a lot of wheelies, most stunters (who want their motors to last) overfill so that the oil pump doesn't run dry from prolonged verticle riding.
    For casual wheelies and for every day riding, overfilling is not recommended.
  6. I can help too I will be working on gr8danes bike on saturday anyway, I live in fiddlers glen too
  7. AGR8 your juggernaut looks like a wiener head :squid: or a squid

    ......{caugh,caugh, to bold dane Caugh}
  8. dont make me gain some speed and smite you
  9. hey just cause i talk about your juggernaut doesn't mean i respect your Karma power especially when you are going to change my oil.....you are changing my oil right...hey why are you removing my brake lines
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    I checked Wal-Mart tonight. They want $7.82 per quart for Mobil1 MX4T synthetic motorcycle oil. Amsoil is a better product and I'm charging $6.50 per quart. I'm not even making money - I get it at dealer cost + shipping and that's what I'm charging.

    I've got it in stock now too.
  11. So, Dave you busy this Saturday? And AlxandrtheGr8 I can make you a siggy, just PM me what you want on it and if you have any photos of your self riding that are clear that I can cut up and put into the banner.

    Pro hits the F7 key to be sure. 8)
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    I'll actually be in San Diego starting Friday. I'm not around until the following Thursday afternoon and am heading to the AMA races that Friday.
    Damn, I travel a LOT lately.
  13. should have posted this before I bought 4 quarts of R4 with my cyclegear discount.
  14. i use vegitable oil...fries anyone :finger: