Oh, now I get it...

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Cider, May 6, 2006.

  1. A co-worker of mine bought a Harley recently, and the shop gave him a free rental coupon in the deal. He passed it along to me, so I rented a Vrod for the day. Frankly, it's the first big cruiser I've ever ridden. Now I know why people like them--I had a lot of fun. It's moderately fast, super smooth, has surprisingly good brakes, does slow, tight turns (e.g. parking-lot u-turns) easier than my bike, and it doesn't look bad either. My only real complaints are that the seat sucks, the optional windscreen sucks, and the range sucks. It desperately needs a larger fuel tank.

    I couldn't help but notice that 95% (I made that number up) of the Harley riders I passed waved at me. When I'm out on my bike, it's more like 5% (another fake statistic). All I could think was: "You poseurs. If you knew this bike was rented, you wouldn't give me the time of day." Oh well, I guess I'm a cynic.
  2. yeah I dont think I even get 5% to wave when Im out, so I dont wave unless they wave first

  3. Ya ive been wanting to try out a Vrod just for the hell out it. Maybe one of these days. As for the wave, depending on whats going on i'll wave and if they dont wave back, i'll occasionally turn the two fingers pointing to the ground just to "one."
  4. what is funny is that the guys riding harleys, they are very stuck on the cruisers, but when the see what I ride, they have a little different attitude, my bike was built by harley, so they cant be smug with me. so basically I get waves from all kinds of bikers.
  5. gotta love that streetfighter look!!!!!!