Non-Ethanol fuel

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  1. I know some of you prefer running this as opposed to the 90/10.

    Grand-Del Petroleum up on Federal, just NW of the Broadway on-ramp is advertising it on their sign. I'll talk to him this week and see whats up.
  2. Finally, an ethanol-free place nearby (for me)!

  3. We should start a sticky thread. STRICTLY MONITORED . A thread that has the Name address and what grades of fuel they offer without ethanol. I feel like I could benefit from that and many others would as well. The moderator would have to delete anything that isnt an address or a non ethanol location its deleted. Only way to have a clean thread to use for reference. Just and idea..:dunno:

  4. I actually started a google map with the ones I know of. All Phillips 66 and Tesoro stations are ethanol I believe.
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    Most, if not all Philips 66 are Non Ethanol. I will try to find a resource for this since I'm in the fuel industry. It should take just a few phone calls.
  6. Travis, I would like to discuss fuel prices with you and find out what person of Middle Eastern decent is getting rich off me.
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    Sorry man, I will not discuss fuel prices. I don't deal with setting prices nor do I want to even touch on that subject. There are many different factors that play into fuel price.
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    Diesel is refined before Gas correct (meaning it takes less to make a gallon of diesel than gas)? Then why does it cost more?
  9. I thought diesel was a residual product of gasoline production. If I am correct once gasoline is refined, then refineries refine whats left into diesel. What is left after they get the diesel is then refined into oils and other products, and so on and so on. I heard some BS about when Katrina took out all of those refineries down south they decided to make gas instead of diesel to keep up with the demand. That is why diesel went up. Don't know if there is any truth to that.
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    I'm not directly involved in the refining process so I can't exactly confirm. There is alot of speculation as to what drives gas prices up but alot of it has to do with supply and demand. You also have to factor in transmix refining, water contamination that damages product and has to be filtered and re-refined.
  14. i think it is suply and demand becous in ca ther are not as manny diesel trucks and the price for it is lower than hear in id with allot of diesel drivers.
  15. Another thing that sucks about gas stations is they don't let you know the ron and mon numbers which if those numbers are further apart from eachother for example, 50-70 you have a high chance of pre-detonation or knocking in your engine even if it is a high octane fuel you're using. The higher octane will help some what because the higher it is the cooler your engine stays, but not much. Ethanol also causes these numbers to drop. I haven't been able to find one station to give me info on this yet.
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    The actual stations don't have access to that information. If you want that information you should contact the terminal where the fuel iss supplied from.
  17. gas in iraq 97Cents . Price per barrel 10 dollars
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    Too bad you can't ship hazerdous materials huh...
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