No friggin' wonder there are so many BMW bikes out this weekend...

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    Everywhere I went yesterday, I saw BMW motorcycles. Camping North of Idaho City had me wondering what was going on when half the town was filled with Beemers on my way out. I was starting to think it was a frickin' convetion. Now I know, it IS a frickin' convention.

    BMW riders will rally this weekend at Expo Idaho

    statesman staff
    Edition Date: 07-08-2006
    There are expected to be 2,000 or more BMW motorcycle riders at Expo Idaho this weekend.

    The BMW Riders Association rally started Thursday and continues through Saturday.

    It is a national rally that is held at a different location each year.

    Most of the attendees are tent camping, and a great deal have traveled across the United States on their bikes.

    The weekend includes technical seminars about working on BMW bikes, seminars about packing and traveling on a bike, slide shows about travel and evening entertainment.

    Riders that wish to tour the area are given maps and can take scenic loops of different lengths.

    Events were coordinated so that attendees can take a wine tour by bus, ride to Tamarack, or go rafting.

    Boisean Greg Feeler is the rally chairman. For more information, call Feeler at 860-3354
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