Next Track Day: September 4th - Miller Motorsports Park

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    The next track day at Miller Motorsports Park in Tooele, Utah will be on September 4, 2006 (Labor Day).

    This event is held on the FULL 4.5 mile track so its going to be an incredible day of riding (not that the half track is anything less than incredible).
    It looks like there's going to be a good turnout and that its filling up quickly so you are highly encouraged to sign up soon.

    What you need:
    • Good condition, sport oriented motorcycle.
      - No Leaking Fluids.
      - Good condition brake pads.
      - Good condition tires (not new but certainly not down to the wear bars).
      - Headlights and Signals disabled or taped over.
      - Mirrors taped or removed.
    • Glycol based coolant (anti-freeze) flushed.
      - Replaced with water or a combination of water and 'Water Wetter'
    • DOT approved full face helmet
    • Leathers (high quality textile will be accepted but leather is MUCH better).
      - One piece or two pieces with at least a 270 degree zipper.
    • Gauntlet style leather gloves.
    • Riding boots (above the ankle, not just to the ankle).

    The signup link is here:
    You'll want to contact the guys (Ben & Ryan) first in order to get the discount code.

    For those who have never been on the track before, please talk to Ben & Ryan about track orientation.
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    Members known to be attending:


    Members considering attending:


    Members who would attend if they weren't going on sweet vacations:


  3. When are you going down and how many bikes can be hauled??

    Hotel??,.... Help with setup, for one more???

    I could probably swing this if...

    1. I can get my bike there
    2. I can share some expenses with some one
    3. I can convince my wife that it's needed in the grand scheme of life and whatnot :pigsfly:
    4. a little bike prep help
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    I'll be heading down on Sunday the 3rd (unless my wife decides to make it a familly trip and we go earlier).

    The hotel is:
    The Quality Inn
    1659 W North Temple
    Salt Lake City, UT 84116 - 3127

    $40 + Tax -> Tell them you want the Idaho Sport Bikes dot com corporate discount.

    1) I'm not sure about transport yet. Typically I haul my bike in the back of my truck for a solo trip but last time I towed an enclosed trailer with two bikes and still hauled mine in the back of the truck. I don't plan on towing that again; pulling an air damn at 75mph sucks!

    2) As we get closer to the date, everyone will finalize hotel and transport methods. Historically, everyone had done a good job about car pooling and splitting expenses.

    3) You're on your own coming up with a line for your wife.

    4) I'd be happy to help with the bike prep.
  5. As much as it really pains me to say this... It doesn't look like I'll be able to go, my wife says I've already spent too much money on bikes these past two months... :slap: Sorry, but I'm gonna have to miss this one. We'll see what happens next time around though.
  6. I'm going. Not sure if I'm going for one or two days yet.
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    Well, we added IDGSXR1k to the list today. If he gets internet access again soon, it will be a good thing for the forum but at least he'll be joining us on the track.
  8. Good news is that I have that weekend off. Whats the riding and loading situations? But i gotta b at work at 130pm Tuesday. Speaking hypathtically (<--however u spell that) does that fit with ur guys schedule? :dunno:
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    Most of us plan to return to Boise on Monday night as soon as the track day is over. We're usually out of there by 6pm and home by 11pm or midnight depending upon stops.

    My plan at the moment is for IDGSXR1K and I to use his 2 rail trailer to carry his bike and my bike behind my truck and to have The Pedal-er as a passenger (he wants to go for observation and hang out purposes).

    I'm not exactly sure on everyone else's plan for the trip as its usually not decided until a few days prior.

    There is a possibility that I can haul a third bike (back of my truck) but I can guarantee that I don't have additional passenger space in the truck (I can also guarantee that The Pedal-er is gonna wish he was a LOT shorter after riding in the extended cab area of my truck for 5 hours at a time).
    My preference is to only transport two bikes for ease of towing but the two rail trailer has GOT to be a much easier tow than the enclosed trailer from two weeks ago.
  10. I am just going to load my bike into my truck, I have not picked up a new trailer yet, other wise I could take two.
  11. I will probably have room unless I go down for 2 days then you might have to catch up with your bike or ride/watch for another day!
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    Apex Track Days have informed us that they are 75% full in the B Groups and getting there quickly in the A Group as well. If you'd like to be out there for the last MMP track day of the season, its time to move your meat or lose your seat!!
    We go through IdahoSportBikes to sign up for the track days hosted by Apex but if you have any questions about the process, send me a PM and we'll get you all of the info you need.
  13. Im just about in the same boat as svbmudssa. Little things like, bike prep (coolant) and not having been to a track day b4, what all i have to do b4 getting on the track.
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    You've definately got to swap your coolant. That is EASY and I'd be happy to help. We can have you done in an hour at a cost of less than $10.

    The only other bike prep will be to tape your lights and pull the fuzes which is also really easy and we can do that the morning of when we show up at the track (then you don't miss out on street riding before then).

    I'm trying to nail down my drive/haul plans soon.
  15. Yeah bike prep is very quick and easy, unless you are putting on new race fairings,
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    Attendance so far:


    Possibly 1ce and SVbmudssa but we don't know yet.
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    Apex Track Days sent out an email last week with the following information:

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    Here are my travel plans as they have now played out:

    Leaving Sunday afternoon
    (around 1pm or earlier) and returning Monday night (around 11pm or midnight).

    I'll be driving a mid-size SUV and hauling the bikes of IDGSXR1K and myself on a small trailer. The Pedal-er will be riding along with us to take pictures/film and just hang out in general. We'll also likely be taking IDGSXR1K's girlfriend along for the same reasons (depending on whether she likes him that day or not). Unfortunately, we won't have room for a third bike or another person.
    The original plan was to take my truck with three adults and two bikes on the trailer which would have allowed room for a third bike in the back of my truck. The addition of a fourth passenger and the reality of the limited space in my extended cab has changed those plans a bit.
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    EDIT: The B Group is full again. A group has a few sports left.

    I just heard from Apex that the B group has only 2 spots left (and that's only because 2 people cancelled).

    The A group still has a couple spots left but if you want in either group, you had better get moving now!!