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Discussion in 'New Users' started by Hoard, Sep 18, 2006.

  1. Well after heading down to Boise this last weekend and riding with a few of you guys, I decided I'd come check this place out. Probably be seeing me around here quite a bit because... what else is there to do at work? :p
    Oh and btw, for those of you who did did do the lowman/idaho city loop, I was the "ryan" riding the yellow f4i.
    Anyway, Gotta go
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    Ryan, its good to see you on here :welcome:

    Its pretty damn cool that you guys rode over here to join us on the group ride this weekend. I would have suggested getting a few people together on Saturday night while you guys were still here but I'd promised my wife that I'd actually spend time wtih her that night. ::)
    I wish the weather had been better so that we could tear up the mountain at higher speeds but everything turned out pretty well really.

    Nice choice of bikes by the way! :dblthumb:


  3. :dblthumb: It was great toy guts came from Twin we will have to make aride there maybe, if not we will have to do another ride here befor the snow hits.