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  1. Hey just bought a 2015 DRZ400 and getting my wife one soon! We are looking for groups to ride with!

    Look forward to meeting new people and new rides!
  2. Way to go, nice bike, hope you're liking it and that you've had a chance to get out and ride. The mnt's. are still packed in with snow of course but you may want to check out the Owyhees, which are good this time of year. Look up Hemmingway Butte if you're unfamiliar.

    What are your riding skill levels? Are you familiar with the area roads and trails?

    It'd be good to see this forum active again with some DS riders. I hope these posts encourage others to be active too and post some rides. I'll try and do so as well. One of my riding friends has scaled-back his off-road riding and another has moved away so it'd good to make some new acquaintances. Our rides take us on anything from easy-going FS lookout destination rides to more-than-likely a mix of FS roads, ATV and MC trails. We're veteran riders and we tend to gravitate somehow to some pretty challenging terrain but usually because we like being well off the beaten path. We generally plan ahead so we have an idea what were in for unless we go to a riding area like the Owyhees or Danskins and many of our rides are on weekdays which can't be beat, especially during hunting season. Weekend rides though are fun for sure and often with a larger group, more social and easier going.
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  3. Hey thanks for the reply! I am pretty familiar with the area. I had a CRF450 before this and to had that for a few years out here loved it but I like the freedom of dual sports. I can go everywhere now! I would say I'm a confident rider. I hurt my self last spring and was out of work for 12 weeks so I'm hoping to avoid that on the dual sport.

    Weekdays are great for me! My work schedule usually allows me to have that off. I am up for anything! My wife is doing the motorcycle course in April once she does I am going to find here a DS. She is brand new to the motorcycle world so thinking about sticking to FS roads with her!

  4. Yea and with GPS and maps we never get lost! ;)
    Still going on trails hoping we don't have to go back. :eek:
    But we survived and looking forward to doing more.
  5. Excellent, but sorry to hear you had a wreck last year. You'll probably be keeping both wheels planted on the ground on DS rides. Maybe you can join us a weekday ride real soon.

    Yeah, no fun backtrackin' when you've got a loop ride planned.
  6. Hey. I'm new to the area as well, I ride a 1999 klr650, maybe we can go for a ride together some time. I can do light dirt riding, but nothing to serious, my bike is set up for the street, not dirt

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