NEW POLL for July 15!!!!!

Discussion in 'Rides' started by Proeve, Jun 14, 2006.

Twin or McCall for the July 15 get together.

  1. McCall for lunch and hot girls

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  2. Twin for hot girls, stunts & lunchs

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  3. I will be out of town.

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  4. To far no mater were we go..

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  5. I rather stay home and watch vids.

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  1. OK, I am redoing to poll, the 2 other polls are dead, let move every thing over to this poll and go from here...

    LOKI's Idea:

    Hey guys, whats up> I just moved here the 10th, but my bro has been here for over a year now. He found this thing online about a bike get together in twin falls on jul. 15, 06. Just wondered if anyone knew anything much about it... my bro said there will be stunnas there, thats an easy reason for me to go :p

    heres a link:

    and another:

    Pro's idea: ( side note) I would not mind going to Twin..but will go with the biggest group...

    Ok, I want to get started on a BIG group ride for this summer, I want to plain a day trip to McCall I need your input, but as of right now it is plained for July 15 that is a saturday, we meet up at ______________ ( fill in blank) and leave at ______________am, ride up to Mccall for lunch and a beer, look at hotteys then ride back home... your input is needed. why July 15 that is the earliest i can get due to other stuff that is going on...

    Let the voting begain..
  2. sh*** sorry pro, I voted for twin, wasnt sure if I was supposed to or not :S anyway you can void it out... if you wanna....

  3. its to far for me to know yet but I am sure that what ever is decided it will not be a problem
  4. no no vote for where you want to go bro,, NP here...
  5. "I just wanna ride" I guess you arent gonna get that unless you've seen the commercial.
  6. I'm down to go for a ride!!!! Just keep us updated.
  7. Personally I'm not really in to the whole stunt thing. Id rather hit lowman sumit on the way to mccall or something like that. It seems like a more interesting ride.
  8. This is going to sound a bit weird to Proeve because this is not going to be the answer he is looking for.
    I am for LET'S DO BOTH. It seems like we have enough riders who just want to ride like me. I want to see the twin show with all of my new friends here but I also want to do the McCall ride because it seems like a blast from what I hear.
    I would say, lets pick another date for McCall loop (either earlier or later than 15th of July) and still stick with the July 15th for tits and stunts.
  9. Tanman

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    your avitar is just plain creepy.
  10. well then throw out some dates that would be good for the McCall run, I am up for doing it a never day, np here. I am easy.
  11. How is July 1st for McCall...
  12. Oh, i'd much rather do lowman, something with turns and knee dragging is always better!! LOL.

    But really guys, Me and Ben, AT LEAST Me and Ben, will do HS and lowman every week, during the weekdays and weekend... we put a lot of miles on our bikes. So any time is good with us!
  13. Ryan it is more then just a run the twistys trip, it is a little speed, some twistys, I nice place to stop to look at hotties, ( I hope) have a beer, and some lunch..
  14. I have to back out of this trip my shcool is lacking bad, so I need to hit the books really hard, sorry maybe the next trip...
  15. I'm up for either McCall or Twin, (that whole "I just wanna ride" thing) but I'm also thinking about camper traffic up into the mountains...
  16. Hozhead

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    I'm officially out of town this weekend unless things go to hell at work so either way, I won't be able to make it.
  17. Well...i'm one to say (i just wanna ride) but if i had to choose....i picked twin. McCall would be good but with traffic and riding with others i tend to push myself, sometimes to far. But i'd be up for mccall if i were gonna stay overnight there. I picked twin cuz its a fast ride down and i wanna see these stunters.
  18. Not trying to steal anybody's ride here, but this is what duckllr posted on the ISB site.

    Meeting 9am at the River Rock Ale House in Eagle (behind McDonalds on Eagle Road) I'll be there sooner.. for breakfast.

    The ride will take us from Eagle to Emmett, hwy 52 to Payette, hwy 95 to Cambridge, hwy 71 to Brownlee Res. A quick trip to Google Earth will reveal that 71 is Idahos gift to sportbikers everywhere... bring your knee pucks. Total ride is just over 200 miles so it makes for an all day deal that you won't soon regret. I'll post this on other boards as well so we may have a great turnout... or they might realize that I'm going and decide to stay home...

    I'm going to try to go, so if anyone's up for it, you know where we're meeting.
  19. NP on the ride stealing, I am backing out of the McCall/Twin run so any of you that were plaining on going, pick what ever you want to do. only reason why I am saying this is cuss I stared to idea of going to one of these places..