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Discussion in 'New Users' started by epoch, Sep 20, 2006.

  1. Hey Guys! I had a little business card put into my windshield at BSU the other day, so I decided to chekc this place out! This place is tight... Im a member of a few different forums, but everyone is always in Cali or on the east coast, its nice to have a local forum! :dblthumb:

    Anyway, My name is Nick, and I ride a 2000 R6. I've been riding since June '05 and loving every minute of it! Just thought I would introduce myself, and show you guys a couple pics of my bike!

    Looking forward to being a memeber and meeting some local riders!
  2. :welcome:
    Good to have you aboard! What kind of riding do you like?

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    :welcome: Glad you like the site. I haven't been riding much longer than you (March '05). Its been sweet to find local riders and actually get to go for group rides around here. The weather isn't great lately but we usually have some pretty good organized group rides and even some get togethers for bike work.
  4. :welcome: Holla nice bike that mig high mount is agreat choice for that bike I like the deep tone it throws!
  5. I definitely like the twisties! One of my favorite local rides is the Emmett-Horshoe Bend loop, I just luv that ride!

    Yea, I love this pipe! It was on the bike when I bought it so I dunno how it sounded before, but I love it now!

    Thanks for all the welcomes everyone!
  6. There are alot of killer riders (people) on this site :welcome: