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  1. hey everybody, im r666 or better known as jake. i ride a 2002 r6 and i guess you could say im one of those guys that bought a bike to stunt, prob being im just now gettin the guts! late in the season but hey thats what i enjoy. anyone ridin sport bikes who likes to mess around should get in touch with me. thanks for any and all help along the way. jake
  2. :welcome: We do it all here. Or at least a little bit of everything!

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    :welcome: :driving:
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    :welcome: jakey we need to get out and cause some more trouble :devil1: im a little more used to the front sprocket now
  6. Glad your here, :welcome:
  7. wow thanks for all the welcomes! im down for a lot of mid afternoon rides. lets cause some trouble!
  8. hope this not the r6 jake i know??
  9. know its me! you get your license back yet
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  11. lol waiting for it in the mail---lol yes 6 reckless and 2 dwp.... they dont like me lol last cop even had written down that he followed me for 5 mile before he turn on the siren to pull me over... and i know as soon as it shows up ill have more in no time,,, FUCK DA POLICE... STUNT RIDING IS NOT A CRIME
  12. what is a DWP, Driving while pissing. seriously what is it
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    driving without privlages
  14. :rofl:
    driving withouy privlage......after they took my DL
  15. Damn man you might want to think about taking up backgammon :beatit:
  16. :dblthumb: r666 we will have to go riding, you and Nutsack stoped by when i was stuck at work but i look forward to the rides, stunt riding ya we need to make some stickers like the old skateboarding is not a crime, i would rock one, or shirts or something. And skateboarding is not a crime...