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  1. hey guy's my name is josh and i ride a 99 Honda CBR F4 i'm mainly into trick riding but i can do corners as well. so here is my interduction i f ya want to chat hit me up

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    :welcome: dude. I probably didn't meet you on Saturday night in the sea of people but hopefully I'll catch you next time.
  3. sup all,, new to site,, looks kool, down to see what and who all stunts, i know my boys do and like to see more....
  4. yes this man can ride^^^^^ been known to rock some sick stuff down the freeway. and josh is one hell of a stunter too! whats up fellas.
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    Welcome Crash.

    We've got a growing number of stunters here as well as a lot of people that love the twisties and even the track. I'm a pretty cruddy stunter and only a half decent track rider but as long as I'm riding, I'm happy.
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    Whats up crash glad to see you on

    this is the CBR King from over there on myspase
    so whats up with that gathering your working on
    let me and the guys on here know we will get some people to show
  7. oh just making a list and checking it twice, id like alot of people to show i have someone that will make a dvd for us , nothing fancy but i have a few places id like to show the dvd too and get idaho know for us ryders also, oh and just so my boys know, when we were in reno we were ryding with the NV ruff ryders, some lol good stunt ryding...... im trying to get some pics from them to post on my main page so, keep looking ill get them posted.... and yes send me a hit if ya want in vid.... :popcorn: and all is welcome to come and hang on the day i can get it set up..