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Discussion in 'New Users' started by Durka Turka, Jun 6, 2006.

  1. Kudos goes to SVBMUDSSA
    He refered me to this site. I finally got the OK from my wife and now a proud owner of a GSXR 1000 K6. Been riding over 5 years. Old bike was a YZF600R. Always kept the rubber side down. Took the STARS coarse also 5 years ago. Basically a responsible and a safe rider. It is nice to see a web site like this. Looking forward to meet you guys on your next group ride.
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    Holy crap!! You went from a 600R to a K6 GSX-R? I bet the old bike feels like a scooter!!

    Oh yeah, :welcome: to the site. Glad to have you hear.
    We've got another member with a new GSX-R 1000, one with an '03 GSX-R 1000, and I believe one with a new 750 as well.

    Don't worry though, we've got Honda guys to balance out the force.

  3. :welcome: Glad you found us we have a bunch of stars graduates as well. I think that class should be mandatory! Congrats on the fine new purchase lookin forward to seeing some pics. It makes the Honda boys quiver!! :dblthumb:
  4. Ahhh the power of advertising...

    Glad to see you here, now you won't miss out on those group rides ;D
  5. THX. Yes that 600 has nothing to compare with the K6 1K.
    Also, I believe they made the stars course mandatory now.
    Do you have to have X amount of posts before posting pics or can anyone do it.
    Do you guys do group rides often?
  6. Post away pics or otherwise!! There seems to be something going on in the group almost every night either rides or wrenching. Mostly just wrenching for me right now. I should have my 03 put back together this weekend. Finishing up a bunch of performance mods! :dblthumb:
  7. There she is. Right outside of the Carls. (I am sure you all know where that is)
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    Its still not mandatory. You can take the STARS course and count it as the skills portion of your rider licensing exam or just take the skill test @ the DMV.
    I actually did both. I needed my license before I could get into an open STARS course but I still chose to take the course anway.
    It was a very good idea.

    I'd prefer it if you never talked about boys quivering.
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    About a month ago, I took the Advanced Rider Training through the Utah Sport Bike Association ( Its like an uber-advanced STARS or MSF course. They actually have MSF instructors who teach it but you get to go out on a Kart Track and learn cornering lines & entry speed and have a crap load of fun.

    I'll probably take it again toward the end of the summer. It would be cool if we could get a bunch of Idaho riders to head down to SLC and take it together.
  10. That would be fun but I don't know how the participation would be.
  11. Welcome to the site, we do try and go on rids often. some are last minute.
  12. welcome to the site..
  13. Well, just let me know when and where...