New Lid on the Way!!

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Hozhead, May 3, 2006.

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    Tonight I ordered the new helmet I've been wanting for a few weeks now.
    HJC AC-12
    Yikes 3 - Red/Silver/White

    I picked it up from and got a smoking deal (much less than EVERY other place I'd checked and my bookmark list is extensive).
  2. good lookin brain bucket buddy!

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    I refrained from ordering the ELBOWZ edition and letting you see the back of it every time we ride. :devil:
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    On another note, I found that has the helmet for a pretty good price as well but their price (including shipping) is still $18 more than from

    The real issue here is going to be how long it takes for the helmet to arrive. New Enough doesn't have them in stock and wouldn't be able to ship until late May. Moto World Online seems to have them in stock so that's a big plus.
  5. Somebodys feelin pretty fast these days :hail: You better ride the guts out of that lil red hon-don't to keep it in front of the big gix!
  6. Hozhead

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    Review so far:

    Venting: WAY better than my CL-14. Hell, this thing is cooler with the vents closed than my CL-14 is with all of the vents open.

    Noise: Probably a little louder than my CL-14. Certainly not quieter that I can tell. My bike seems to be getting louder lately (think my exhaust pipe needs repacked) so I can't be sure.

    Fit: It fits my melon perfectly. The cheek pads are still a bit crowding but I expect them to break in and fit quite nicely.

    Lift: I'll need to take it on a high speed straight after the cheek pads break in but so far, it seems to stay planted on my melon better.

    Visibility: REALLY wide range of vision. My dark smoke shield showed up today so tomorrow I'll be liking it even more.