New levers and lines installed!

Discussion in 'Mechanical & Technical' started by Hozhead, Apr 3, 2006.

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    The Galfer stainless steel lines I've been waiting for arrived tonight (got a great deal on them from and I ran right out to the garage to install them. Aside from a few diversions (work issues and spending some time helping BudB3 with his bike), it was a pretty quick install.
    The lines really firmed up the brakes. So much, in fact, that I picked my back wheel of the ground for the first time tonight. I certainly wasn't doing any rolling stoppies but I did manage to pop it up 6 or 7 times from pretty conservative speeds. I'm not planning to start trying it on a regular basis but it was just nice to know the stopping power is there.
    Granted, a stock setup should be able to do that but it was done with ease thanks to the new lines and levers.
  2. Need the cure for the winter/rainy day blues? New aftermarket parts for your two wheel toys! I'm like a kid a christmas time when it comes to parts shopping. It better get warm soon, my wheels are getting powdercoated now, if it keeps raining my bike is slowly going to the powder man little by little. At some point i would like to put it back together! Sweet brake lines bro! I'll be looking for the guy ridin' around town on his front wheel!!