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  1. New guy here. My name's Shane and I'm from Caldwell. I hope you guys don't mind but I don't have a sport bike yet. I've been riding dirt my whole life but just sold my bike this winter to pay last semesters tuition at BSU. I've always wanted to get a sport and I figured with the rising price of gas and the need to feed my addiction to two wheels I would start lookin' to get into a good bike for a commuter and a little fun. I'll probably ask a few stupid questions but for the most part I'll just sit back and learn. I look forward to getting to know everybody. Have a good one, catch ya later.
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    Welcome to the site!
    Lacking a sport bike is definately no big deal. We've got mostly sport bike riders so far but we're trying to bring in dirt riders and cruiser riders as well. There are a couple dirt riders here so far including guys like yourself who've decided to go the sport bike route. Personally, I'm a sport bike guy who'd like to get a dirt bike as well if I had the money. Of course, I'd also like to have a cruiser bike, a quad and a snowmobile but I'll have to win the lottery first ::)

    Post up any questions you have. Even if we don't know the answer, we'll help you find it.

  3. dont worry about stupid questions and dont let anyone give you a hard time for it, but I dont think you will have a problem with that on the site
  4. Thanks for the warm welcome guys. I just figured I would throw my lack of knowledge out there to begin with rather than make it apparent later. From the looks of this site I didn't figure I would have any trouble. Seems like a good group.
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    We're trying to be at least :angel:
  6. Welcome fellow roost server! I'm sure you miss riding alot so why don't you swing by my house and i''ll hose you down with some fresh roost to bring back those fond memories! All the roostwich burgers i serv come complete with a moist towel (to clean face), toothpick (for grit removal between teeth), and a cold micro! That is a great deal! As a matter of fact, this offer is good for everyone on this site, you all mean so much to me, come on over everybody!
  7. Gee that does sound like a great deal! To get the full effect though I would have to make sure I have ya cram the handlebars into my ribs and give both kidneys a couple of punches while your at it. Then I could really bring back memories of my most successful rides. ;D So what are ya ridin'? I used to have an '01 KTM 300 E/XC. Gotta love the orange!! Just thinkin' about it makes me miss it all the more. :banghead: I think I'm gonna go cry myself to sleep now.
  8. I don't think i can bash your ribs in on purpose unless we tape a picture of my ex on your face( i would need some kind of motivation to be that ruthless)!! Even thats a little risky, i might not know when to stop!! Why don't you just sit on my bike and i'll crack your forehead on my stabilizer. It will bleed like a wwf chair shot and leave a wicked bad scar - the chicks will dig it!!
    My current dirt ride is a '03 crf 450. I had an'01 ktm 520 exc for a few years, that thing was a hill climbing machine! It had so much low end torque, but it was just to much maintenance. I always wanted to get a 380 exc '99 or newer, i like those 2 stroke ktms, they rip in the hills!
  9. Ya you probably wouldn't stop, and I wouldn't blame ya then. The scar would be really cool. The chicks seem to dig bikes altogether. I loved ridin' around with the big orange magnet in the back of my truck. It was worth the payments just for that!!!

    I still have a soft spot for katooms, but the crf's are badass. It takes a sherman tank to kill a honda. The thumper KTM's are nice but I'm not a big fan of four strokes. I love my zingers. Never had to do any maintanence other than routine oil changes and stuff. KTM's two strokes are hard to beat.
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    Holy crap, you dirt guys like the punishment!!
  11. I have had some seriously bad get offs on the dirt. I always tell my self "i'm gonna slow down, this crashin' sh$t hurts", what do you know two months later i'm ridin' harder than before, but now i'm thinkin' " that crash wasn't so bad"! Its a weird addiction, pushin' it to the limit and then a little bit more I'm a two wheel junky. I need therapy, please help!
  12. Howdy all! Just got a new (to me) GSXR 750 - been my dream bike my whole life. Bigger than what I used to ride, but maybe over time i can tame her. Look forward to any rides and getting to know some of the locals. I've been here for 2 years (from Montana) and live out in Kuna now. See you all around!
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    Damn, we're gonna have to start a GSXR-750 club on this board. There's quite a few people buying them lately. It sounds like yours isn't an '06 though so that makes me feel a little better (I've got GSXR envy).

    Welcome to the site, by the way. :welcome:
  14. Nice bike. Congratulations. We should definitaly arrange a group ride soon.
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    That's an awesome bike and I heard you got a screaming deal. :dblthumb: I hear the dude that sold it to you is the coolest guy in the world and probably the best Gixxer rider in the valley. LOL, I hope you enjoy the bike as much as I did. Ride safe.
  16. You bought a nice bike congrats the old owner took very good care of it (though he isnt much of a rider :eek:wned:)