New back protector: Alpinestars RC

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Hozhead, Apr 29, 2006.

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    Today, I picked up a new back protector at Cycle Gear, the Alpinestars RC.
    I'd been looking for one that straps on but I finally settled on an insert for use in my jacket. This will be far less hastle and I won't have to deal with the elastic/velcro waistband being uncomfortable. This one is a bit stiffer than I would like but I think I can get used to it. I used it on today's ride to Bogus and, when I wasn't thinking about the back protector on purpose, I really didn't notice it too much.
    The nice thing is, I can put this in my Joe Rocket Meteor textile jacket when I'm wearing it since both jackets have similar pockets.
  2. I've been thinking of getting one too. That one looks pretty good.