Need help with torque specs please...

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  1. Hey guys, whats up. My bro has an 05 f4i... anyone know the torque specs of the axle nuts, front and rear? Should they be the same as the 01-03? I can d-load a manual ( for you honda guys, quite a few manuals listed) for the 01-03 f4i, but nothing there on the 04-06... whats different other than the more comfortable seat? didnt they stick with the same set up, just different body work?

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    The torque specs will be exactly the same for the 04-06 as the 01-03. The only change was the tail (they went back to the banana seat to differentiate between the F4i and the RR).

  3. Thats what I was thinkin, but i wanted to make sure. Thanks a LOT for sharing your knowledge hoz... you da man.

    I appreciate it soooo much, savin me a TON of trouble :p :hail: :hail: :comp: :smilieRR:

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