Need help again,,

Discussion in 'Mechanical & Technical' started by Proeve, Jun 19, 2006.

  1. Ok, I need one of you to ride my bike, there is some thing not right, or I am a fruitcake, I took a 80MHP ride down the I-84 today, and it felt like I was going to lose it. I need some one to ride it and tell if they feel some thing odd. who is free this weekend.. I really need some help on this one, it is like the whole bike wants to go into a wibble or like you being pushed back an forth by the wind but very fast and hard...


    Call me 440.5360

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    While I'm always up for riding a variety of bikes and I do believe I could offer some useful insight, the Gr8's would give the best comparison to what your bike SHOULD feel like. Perhaps a combined effort: they can say what feels different and I can find a mechanical explanation.

  3. call me lets talk, it is hard for me to post how it feels..
  4. Show up in the bike neiborhood when you can.. im sure one of the gr8s or myself can help.
  5. I got your call sorry I have returned it, just got really busy, but I call you on friday and see if we can set up some thing...
  6. Sounds good I dont have school on fridays so it should not be to hard to meet up
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    I should be available to help as well.
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    I'm doing a Bogus ride @ 9:30am but I'll be around after that if you want to look at your bike and see what's up. I'll check in here so just post up the time you want to work on it.
  9. I am sorry guys, I just got swomped with home work. maybe we can get together next firday, I do not have classes on fridays also..
  10. no big deal just bring it by whenever