Need an R1 shift arm

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Idaho Wolverine, Jul 19, 2006.

  1. This is a VERY popular mod for the FZ1. The R1 shifter arm is a bit shorter than the stock FZ1 arm. Not the shift lever that your foot uses, it is the little arm on the shifting shaft. This mod takes at least 1 - 2 minutes and makes the shift quicker.

    More crisp / less shifter movment, a more positive feel.

    Need one from the 98 - 2000 R1 if anyone has one laying around.
  2. so I got one from Snake River for 25$ and it is great!!

    Shifting is IMMEDIATE now as opposed to the longer throw the stock set up had.

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    Sweet, glad you're digging it. Are you able to convert to GP Shifting on the FZ1? Its kinda pointless on the street but its very handy on the track. It also makes it more difficult for idiots to steal your bike when they can't figure out how to shift!!
  4. Damn, I never thought of using it as a theft deterent...I bet that would baffle a guy for a while :devil3:
  5. good point hoz kind of like a cell phone with theft deterant, WWWHHHAPPP oohh my nose