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  1. Hi guy, I am so glad I found this site, I am new to riding still working on getting my M endorsment, but I have had my CBR600RR for a few weeks now, and getting to know her.. lol any local sport bike clubs out there taking in new riders? I am looking for a sport bike only club..
  2. :welcome:
    I too have a 600rr and I love it, I dont know about any local sportbike clubs but I know that a lot of us here have sportbikes, probably the majority.
    hope to see you around

  3. well if there is not a sport bike only club lets start one, guezz I mean it is summer, there is so much to do, I would like to get stuff like this going maybe on a weekly thing,, lets not let socal have all the fun lol
  4. we get together often and go on rides hang out dork around, we get together for group rides often also
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    Like AlxandrtheGr8 said, we aren't exclusive to sport bikes but 95% of the members are sport bike riders. There is a sport bikes only group that is putting together a track day company: Several of the members here are members there as well. I'm getting in to the track scene this year and will be doing a few days with them.
  6. I can understand that, i just feel it would be nice to get involved with some some riders make new friends ect ect..
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    If its riders you want to meet, hang around.
    With the weather getting nice, the (good mountain) roads will be clearing up more and we'll be out every weekend plus several rides in the evenings.

    We'll probably be doing a few hangout nights as well where we all meet up to grab something to eat and talk riding.
  8. I never got the whole "club" thing. I mean bunch of guys running around with the same clothes, making new members do stupid crap. ::)

    Even if there was a "club" here I wouldn't join. But... hitting dinner or breakfast and getting to know some of the other board members would be fun
  9. I would not join a club like that ether, but just some thing to call home if you know what I mean, I am not a teen to mid 20s guy that think he is hot shit on a bike. But I am in a car club and we do great thing, like we will cruse from Boise to Vale have lunch and come back. I am 35 and I am the youngest in that club, we will also hold raleys and give the earning to charity and have other car clubs meet up with us or go to there raleys know what I mean, cool stuff that is fun not dum. Show and shines that kind of stuff not make the new guy crash his pride and joy. mature people not punks.
  10. stick around I think you will like it, we do get togther often. I am sure we can organize more stuff. but we do go on group rides, a bunch of us are headed to utah next month for a race, and we will probably have a group breakfast and ride soon.
  11. Now aren't you glad i saw your post on the cbr forum and led you to this fine local site proeve? A word of advice, the dirt bikers on this site are straight loco. The owner said so himself. I invited him over for dinner but he didn't want to expierence the stabilizer head cave in that ktmracer and myself administer to dinner guests. He wouldn't even let me roost on him. Whats up with that? Anyhow, welcome to the site! (don't worry to much about the dirtbikers, i think theres only two of us)
  12. Ya what's up with the no takers on the stabalizer treatment?? Nobody else is into that sorta thing I guess?? ??? We keep talkin' like this they are gonna wheel us in like hannibal lecter in straight jackets and face gaurds at all the get togethers. :rofl:
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    Yep, you dirt bikers are crazy!

    And I still prefer to cave my head in on accident rather than on purpose. Don't worry, I'm not missing out, I suffered MANY head injuries in my life. Whenever I fall, I seem to land on my huge forhead.