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  1. So yesterday I went to the AMA races at Miller Motorsports Park in Utah just outside SaltLake City. I was kinda prepared, had my map and directions in the tank bag, some extra water, shirts and whatnot. Checked the bike the day before: tire pressure, chain, nothing loose, etc.

    The map said it was 366 mile to my destination, Straight interstate shot, not much fun but I had to be there in time to see some racing. I woke up at 4:30 am got my gear on. I went with my textile stuff because it is more comfortable than my leathers. First gear sport pants (the old ones with the knee puck attachment that you can't buy any more) Fieldsheer Mach3 mesh, with the rain overjacket, boots, gloves, underarmor, earplugs, and my own special idear, one of those fleece headband things that I wear around my neck as a kind of scarf. That was all good. My helmet (Shark S500 air) had not been on a long trip, but it is comfy.

    I roll out at 5am, hop on the interstate and settle into a steady cruise at indicated 90. First minor annoyance, no wind skirt on the helmet letwind come fromunder the chin and blow right up past my eyes, not to bad, but its there. First gas stop, I'm feeling good, 266 miles to go. Sun is up no and I am riding straight into it, time for some sunglasses, Doh..time to buy some sunglasses Left mine on the counter.

    Next gas stop, buy some glasses. I am feeling a little burn in the gooch area, not bad, stock seat yada yada yada.

    I am leaning on the tank bag just cruising, passing the occasional car, when SMACK, the remains of a large insect obscure my vi son so much I have to pull off to the shoulder, extra water, extra shirt come in handy.

    I get to the races just in time to register to ride the track ($10 Cheap) I find some of the other Boise guy who had been there since Friday night, They ride hondas, Honda was the sponsor, Honda riders get to go for free Bastards. There were several SVs' there, no one on this board??? The track was amazing, ever though it was just a parade type lap, out leader hung back enough that we could take some corners at a decent speed. MMP is long, wide and smooooth. I will get my first track day in at this facility this year!!!

    Races: The viewing areas for this track kinda suck, all perimeter no infield, so there wasn't a real good place to see a progression of corners. The last race with Bostrom, Spies and Miladin, and Zemke was fun though.

    The ride home : SUCKED. I was a little sunburnt, a little tired, a little sore when I started my way back. I decided to come back thought Nevada (mistake) on Hwy 80 which runs through the salt flats. It was straight, and hot and Boring. I was cruising at 110 indicated, there was no place for a Hwy Patrol to hide. Fifty miles later, my ssa is hurting, the wind blowing up under my helmet is hurting my eyes, my right leg (injured in a crushing accident) is just throbbing. So I start trying out the rear pegs, then hooking my leg over the sliders, then standing up and leaning over the screen. Standing up at hwy speeds plus is fun, and makes you feels like there is nothing between you and the road (ie Superman)

    FF to 230 miles later, I stop at BurgerKing in Ely NV, Order a shake and go to the bathroom, I look in the mirror and my eyes are not just red, they are bloody, I mean literally Blood, bright , red. I look like the biggest tweaker that ever stayed up for 2 weeks. I thought the guy at the counter was just staring because he liked motorcycles.

    I made it home at Midnight. after running the last 150 miles from Jackpot to Boise in one shot no stopping. I had a guardian angel of a car that I followed in. I was so tired that it was very hard for me to concentrate on the road. I moved the tank bag to the tail and bungeed it there, this allowed me to tuck under the stock screen, so no wind in my eyes. My gas light started blinking 40 miles out, and went solid at 15 miles out, but I just made myself as small as possible and rode on. It took 4.1 gallons to fill

    Recap, Mesh jackets kinda suck on the hwy. they flap and buzz and generally get annoying after a few hours. Stock seat sucks (nothing new there) Stock windscreen sucks. Buy a wind skirt for your helmet, just a little bit under the chin makes a world of difference. I am not 19 anymore , and probably should have got a room somewhere. Tail bag or saddle bags would be a good idea. And last, bring extra underwear, nothing beat being dry in the right spot.
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    Thanks for posting that up Ben. Glad to hear you made it back okay. We rolled in to Boise about 11:20pm after a few stops along the way.

    I had a similar experience but was happy to ride down Friday and ride back on Sunday. My new helmet is louder than my last one thanks to much improved venting. It kept me cool but I could have used less noise and less air movement across my eyes. I'm guessing mine is not nearly as bad as yours when it comes to air across the eyes though.

    I'm hoping to post a synopsis of the ride idgsxr1k and I made as well but it will have to wait until I get home from work.

  3. You went through ELY? Damm, that is the LONG way. I went from Wendover to Wells, then Elko then straight up to Mtn. Home.

    All in one day, that had to kinda suck man.

    BUT, it was good racing and a sweet track was'nt it?!?!
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    Well I :argue:was supposed to meet some friends in Jackpot, but they didn't go ::) :mad:
  5. Sounds like you had fun, and props to you for making such a long, boring ride alone. I'm too wimpy to ride to SLC--I wish I had a truck, then I could park it somewhere and ride the last 10 miles to the track.
  6. Ton said he had fun with you guys on the ride back.

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    Nice picture Tony! I've got a few more of your ugly mug if you want them. :flipa
  8. I would love the pics that you got ofm us on the track and was wondering when I might meet up with you to get my posters?
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    All you have to do to get your posters is logon to ebay and be the highest bidder, lol. Here's yor picture. :rofl: :finger:
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    Here's a picture of Dane waving like he just landed a podium spot.
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    Me either :flipa
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  13. looks like i did take a virtual podium you guys aren't even appear picture worthy
  14. I must be on the podium then also!! :dblthumb:
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