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  1. Well here is whats left of my knee pucks after my first day at the track, The day went great, we got plenty of time on the track, and had our knee's down by the second session. We did not have any problems, and had the track memorized by lunch time, turn 1 can be a nasty one if you dont brake on time, couple guys from the a group found that out the hard way. There were a couple bad wrecks and a few run offs. (not by me) Bostrom left a nasty mark off in turn 3. I have a coulpe picks of my pucks and one from the track, sorry its a bad pic I had to scann it cause they are not putting them on the web.
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    Sorry I will have to post the other pic when I get home

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    Holy crap, ya fatty!! Putting enough weight on those pucks? :joke:

    Glad you had a good time and its great to hear that you were doing so well out there.
  4. Good work man :dblthumb:
  5. my right knee was warn to the fabric and it put a whole into my leathers and started to wear on the knee pad, so I will have to have some work done on them.
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    That's awesome :hail: :hail: :hail:
  7. here is a photo from the track sorry it sucks it would not scan very well