My search for a new lid.

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Hozhead, Apr 28, 2006.

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    Does anyone know of a shop that carries the new HJC AC-12 helmet?

    Snake River and Carl's both handle HJC helmets but neither of them have the AC-12 (though they both had the AC-11 last year). I just called Snake River and found that they will carry the CL-15 and CL-SP this year but not the AC-12.

    I've currently got a CL-14 that I'm pleased with in the fit category but its a bit noisy and lifts at high speed. I'm hoping for something a bit quieter and more stable. The CL-15 is actually a step up and the CL-SP is supposed to be yet another step up but I'd like to go a bit higher. I've considered the Shoei RF-1000 because it fits me fairly well but I've got an HJC shaped mellon and with new, higher end helmets, I figured they would be good to stick with.

    I can order one from any number of online dealers but a helmet is just one of those items that you NEED to try on because its not just the size that matters, the shape varies with each manufacturer and even models by the same manufacturer.
  2. My shark has no lift. fits great, like my HJC Lt-12.

    I got mine off e-bay new, it was a crapshoot, but it turned out OK.

    It's lighter than my "Light" model HJC, The only downside is not snell approved, DOT and euro specs but no snell.

    I hear the RSR2 is great, I have the s500 Air

  3. Got my Arai online but try CycleGear next to SRY.

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    I've checked out the lids at Cycle Gear.
    The Arai helmets dont' fit me worth beans. The Shoei RF-1000 isn't bad and actually fits my head well though I'd definately need to order the smallest cheek pads available for it to fit my face. Even with the smallest pads, I'd probably still look like the fat kid from The Sandlot with my face crammed in.
  5. I'm not sure what head shape you have. I have a long oval and the Arai Profile was highly recommended to me by a guy named Jeff at even though he couldn't sell me one. I looked long and hard for a lid. I didn't want to pay Arai prices but the damn thing fits so well I love it.

  6. I wanted to mention in case some don't know (and many don't) that Arai is the only manufacturer that makes helmets for different head shapes.

  7. do they make custome helmets for a mushroom head at arai