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Discussion in 'Videos' started by 1ce, Apr 1, 2006.

  1. As i've said b4, ive been riding for almost a year now. And now that im comfortable with riding, and now im trying out some stunts. The main point of my gf recording this video on her digital camera (not a real video camera lol) was for me to get some wheelies...didn't really happen this i still made a movie out of it just the the hell of it.

    Also im not exactly sure how to get my movie linked on here, so it might take a couple trys but when its up im sure u experienced riders will have a good laugh...

    If that link doesnt work, try this one
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    The first link worked fine for watching the video.
    You're right about the video not being so great without better wheelies but its cool that you're still willing to post up.
    I've been riding for a year now and my wheelies still suck too! I used to practice wheelies a bit and can do some decent first gear clutch ups in large parking lots but I haven't worked on them in so long I've surely regressed.

    We should get a group together and head to an empty road like the one you were on and film each other doing lame wheelies so that we can teach each other and learn to judge the height of our own wheelies by watching the videos.

  3. Ya thatd be kool man. I dont care about how dumb i look trying to get wheelies or how little they are lol, cuz i gotta start somewhere. I can get some good ones every onnce in a while but cant really hold them. But the next time i feel the urge to record some more "Faild Stunts" i throw a post out if anyone wants to meet up and show off and maybe ill learn something. :newbie:

    But as for now im off to get a new front tire!
  4. 1ce you sound like a guy I would not mind riding with we will definetly be calling you to ride, I think I saw your bike today parked at a store on S Cole rd. around 5:15
  5. Ya that was my bike. But it was actually my girl who was riding. Shes actually a good rider but im thinkin she needs a tour bike, not a sports bike. Heres a pix of her that i photoshoped...

    Not bad eh?
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    Neither link work for me. :banghead: :slap:
  7. Alright, i'll try uploading it again and relink it.

    As for other news...i got my carbs back from clayton yesterday (wednesday). Slapped them back on and gave her a test run...Everything worked beautifully, if not even better when i first got the bike ;D It almost feels and sounds like a completely different bike. <---thats a good thing But he got me an awesome price and was very very helpful.

    So im back on road again with my CBR, i'll be waiting to hear bout the next ride from you guys. I was so jealous to hear u guys went to Idaho City, but i'll make it on the next trip!
  8. we might be doing something tomarrow
  9. Sweet! ya i got class in Caldwell from 1-5pm this saturday...not just any class tho, its Silver Hawk Aviation Academy ( I just started last wednesday and i'm loving the hell out of it. They actually let me fly the helicopter on my first day! Thats what im training for, Professional Helicopter Pilot! 8) Almost feel bad posting this on this site, but flying the helicopter beats riding my motorcycle lol ;D

    But ya, if u guys are going riding b4 or after that time (1-5pm) give me a buzz or reply, cuz im definately down for riding with you guys. Also just met another rider here in boise, he just got a new Yamaha R6, blue colors. He doesn't do computers lol, so i'll just give him a call and see if he wants to join us.
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    Sweet - the more the merrier.
    I've got a whole list of things to do tomorrow that aren't riding related but I'm sure I'll be squeezing a ride in. It just wouldn't be right to go a weekend without it.
  11. Hey whats up? I would really like to see this vid, as Im prolly in the same boat as you > second season on first streetbike, just startin to clutch em up. I tried a lot of power ups before, but its just not as predictable. Ive gotten to the point where I can clutch them below bp, but high enough I can keep it stable up to the rev limiter... Not "Out Of This World" good, but I feel good about it. Im going to keep practicing like this untill I can get it exactly the same every time, then try and move back past the "scary" point and get em closer and closer to bp. HOPEFULLY... it works out ;)

    I wanted to suggest putfile... thats where I have vids Ive compiled together of skills I WISH I had lol... its free and you can store quite a bit of info... your braver than me, I havnt taken vid yet ;) Dont want to be trying to show off...need to work at my own pace :p

    take it easy,

  12. Sorry for the late reply...but i tried uploading it onto So try the link below. Alright, the one below is a very short clip of me just coming down bogus...but later tomorrow or sometime soon, i'll have the actual video hopefully.
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    What did you do with the F2 now that you've got the 750?
  14. My good old F2? I sold (traded) it in. Its actually funny. Friday (9th) when i was getting my paper work done for buying my new 750, I watched them ride my old F2 over to the other motorcycles outside and put a for sale sign on it. Then the next day (saturday night) downtown I saw my old F2 in front of the Bistro lol. And i've been seeing it at all over town. Still don't know what they sold it for or who bought it, but im curious to know.

    As for my "lil motorcycle video" i finally got it online. its on youtube. Just use the link below, either copy/paste or click.
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    If you don't mind my asking (And thread jacking :eek:fftopic:), how much did they give you in trade?

    I was kinda hoping it was available so that I could buy a stunt bike! I don't actually want to be a stunter but it would be sweet to change the F2 to a street fighter and re-gear it for practicing wheelies and for general commuting.
  16. Well, my orginal plan wasn't to trade the bike in. I was planning on having my buddy repaint it, but with his schedule it wasn't gonna happen soon enough. Then I was going to replace the chain and sproket (both went bad). After than fix the fuel petcock or something like that (little gas leak). All in all it was going to be another $200-300 bucks into the bike just to sell it. I was wanting at least $2000 out of it since thats all i paid for it. So when carl's offered me $1765 for it...i figured, that im breaking even enough. So i did it.

    I've got a buddy with the exact same bike, color and year, but with less miles. Hes wanting to sell it but is just to lazy to put it online or in the papers. there are only 2 things wrong with it. Front upper left fairing is missing and alternator is either going bad or is bad. I think hes wanting $2500. If u want more info or his number let me know.