My Exhaust Fell Apart This Morning!

Discussion in 'Mechanical & Technical' started by Hozhead, Apr 7, 2006.

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    On the way to work this morning, I started to hear a light rattle. I wasn't engine related so I figured I would check it when I got to the office. I made the last turn (a right hander) before entering the parking lot and heard a scratching/dragging sound. WTF? ???

    I look back and my exhaust is now going to the side of my bike instead of up and back. I pulled into the parking lot and found that the bolt holding the exhaust bracket to the passenger peg vibrated loose. I walked back over to the corner and found my bracket but no bolt. :mad:

    Zip Ties Saved the Day!! :dblthumb:
    We had some zip ties in the office so I used a couple to hold the exhaust bracket to the passenger peg for the ride home. Now I remember why its important to always carry a small package of zip ties in the tail of your bike. You never know when a fastener is going to come loose and you need a zip tie to hold an exhuast bracket, fairing, windsheild, etc in place until you can get somewhere to make a proper repair.
  2. I seem to remember someone always making fun of the fact that I kept having problems with bolts backing out on my Suzuki. I think the insuation was that only happens on zuki's. Who's laughin' now?? On a serious note vibration really takes its toll especially after a day of banging corners we should all be tightening everything up after each hard ride.

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    Clearly your Suzuki was a bad influence on my Honda.
  4. Bad suzuki! No soup for you!! :slap:
  5. I remember and agree, its one of those things you know you have to do but always end up putting it off
  6. While taking my bike apart, I found out that not only had I backed out two subframe bolts completely but the main fairing stay bolt was also gone all bolts that are torqued at the dealer.
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    I hope you got the economy size tube of lok-tite.
  8. Because you need to borrow it????????? :devil: