My dream sportbike: MV Agusta F41000R

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Hozhead, Aug 2, 2006.

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  2. it is getting some good reviews almost as good as the ones for the 06 triumph Daytona 675.

  3. if I could, I do the daytona 675.
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    The Daytona 675 just grabbed Motorcyclist Magazine's best new bike of '06 award but they also gave props to the MV.
  5. i'm diggin the single sided swingarm, i hope its not going to turn into a fad
  6. It's been around too long to be a fad. Honda has had one on the Interceptor for a long time, and Ducati had it on the 916, 996, 998 and 748 superbikes. Single-sided swingarms are also on several Monsters and the Multistrada, Triumphs, BMWs, etc. Ducati went back to the double-sided swingarm for the 999 and 749 since it is lighter and stronger.

    By the way, the guy who styled the 916 (Massimo Tamburini) designed the MV. Since the looks of the 999 have been heavily criticized (personally I like them a lot), Ducati has said that the new superbike will have more in common with the 916. It will be interesting to see if they go back to the single-sided swingarm.

    On topic: The MV is cool--it looks good and apparently Ferrari helped them design the engine. There was a used one for sale at Big Twin for a while. I don't know where you get them serviced around here, though. In any case, my dream bike is the Desmosedici.
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    I don't even bother dreaming about the Desmosedici. Even if I had the $65,000 I still wouldn't be able to come up with a 999R to get me on the waiting list for the new bike.
  8. hear is my dream bike(s)[​IMG] or this [​IMG]