My chain will never be clean again!

Discussion in 'Mechanical & Technical' started by Hozhead, Jul 3, 2006.

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    I stopped by Cycle Queer today to pick up some chain cleaner (which they were completely out of 8 days ago). I've got chain lube, just no cleaner.

    I struck out AGAIN today. They had some 'Contact Cleaner' that is for metal parts including chains but they didn't have any actual chain cleaner. The instructions on the stuff they had said that you were supposed to wash the parts with water after using the cleaner. Yeah, like I'm going to hose down my chain!! The whole point of chain maintenance is to get rid of the debris and then lubricate it to keep the parts moving smooth and keep water out so that it doesn't rust.

    After striking out at Cyce Gear, I checked Snake River (closed on Mondays always), MotoOne (closed), Carls (called & found out they were closed). I checked @ two different Wal-Mart's last week figuring that since they carry chain lube, they would also carry cleaner. I'm an idiot for expecting that.

    And now the saga continues... will my chain ever be cleaned and lubed again?
  2. Just use simple green and a good chain lube after. I've never had a problem with rust.

  3. Can't you use kerosene as well? Personally, I just use chain wax to clean and lubricate. I just put the bike up on the rear stand, hold a rag behind the chain and spray wax on it while I spin the rear tire. Then I grab onto the chain with the rag while spinning the tire to clean it.
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    You can use Kerosene, IF you can find out where to buy it. I didn't have any luck last summer and I've just been using a commercial chain cleaner since then.

    I'd like to get the crud off before putting any wax on it, this way I don't push any of it down in.
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    WD-40 works good on chains too.
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    Hard on O-Rings & X-Rings.
  7. Should have picked up a couple cans while you were down here. :dblthumb:
  8. doesn't do a thing to em
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    At that time, I didn't realize there was a conspiracy against me.
  10. I recently started using kerosene, its awesome and cheap.
    You can get it at home depot or lowes in the painting section.
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    Ah, sweet. I'm getting some tonight. I'll pick up some Kerosene too! :rofl:

    I wanted to use Kerosene before, I just didn't think to check Lowes or Home Depot
  12. I use simple green and its great, and easy, no problems with rust,
  13. I clean it with WD40 first and spin the tire while I clean the chain with a rag. Then I put this Dupont Teflon lube which also cleans and thickens up quickly so it doesn't make a runy mess. You can find it at Lowes tools department. There are some rumors that they will take this out of the market because it can potantialy cause cancer (What doesn't). And it is less than $5.00 a can.
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    I'm cleaned and lubed once again!

    I picked up a gallon of Kerosene last night (couldn't find a smaller container) and wiped the chain down this morning. I always use a wax lubricant to keep the mess down, the water off and the lubricant in place.

    I actually do maintain my bike regularly, I was just having a very difficult time finding some cleaner lately.
  15. Glad to hear you're up and running again, although I think it was a little fussy for just a chain.
  16. Chains are cheap. I keep mine adjusted and pretty clean but otherwise abuse the dog shite out of it. I've never seen a difference in longevity between a chain that is lubed religiously vs. one that isn't. Mostly I squirt some jiz on there just to keep it from rusting and keep the noise down.

    Mind you I'm not knocking anyone who lubes carefully I'm just saying I'm lazy and it doesn't seem to matter that much.

    I don't race though and I'm not familiar with the stesses and heat a chain might undergo at the track. :)

    Also here's a interesting tidbit from a guy I know on the FZ1 owners forum:

    I did a test two years ago where I put an new O ring from a chain into WD40, one into Acetone, and left another out in
    the direct blast of the California Central Valley sun all summer and into fall. HOT blazing UV.

    (I think I had one other thing I put one in, but I can't recall what it was. Maybe Triflow?)

    The Acetone test was a bust because the stuff evaporated so fast (Only a matter of hours)

    The one in the WD40 never really changed. Well, no more than the one that sat out in the sun for four months.
    I think both increased in size by less than .5 mm. I don't have the data anymore.

    Anyway, O rings on chains are made of Nitrile Butadiene Rubber. This stuff is incredibly resistant to all sorts of stuff.

    WD40 doesn't do shit to them. Virtually nothing does.
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    My primary concern isn't really the o-ring itself. Most manufacturers put a lubricant in the moving parts of the chain and the o-ring is there to seal the lubricant in and keep the dirt out. I like to cleam my chain to get rid of the dirt that may get past the o-ring or that would act as an abrasive to either the o-ring or the moving parts. In addition to preventing rust, using a good lubricant that is wax based helps to seal the factory lubricant in, lubricate the moving parts and the o-rings (this helps to keep the rings from tearing), and keeps the noise down.

    I've seen (and heard) bikes with well maintained chains and bikes with no chain maintenance at all and I'd like to be in the latter group. In fact, the chain on my bike when I bought it wasn't well maintained; this made it noisy as well as creating several hard spots where the chain didn't move smoothly.
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    It didn't prevent me from riding but I do like to maintain the toys I have (since I can't afford to replace stuff that doesn't need it). It was more of a rant that Cycle Gear couldn't manage to stock a single brand of chain cleaner in 8 days!!
  19. Been trying like hell to give you a "clean chain inferiority complex" but it's not working. ;D


  20. Cycle Queer here in Boise sux azz, don't go through them unless you have to (read never). The mgr pulled Pest's 10% discount one time for no reason other than it was unauthorized. You should get AT LEAST 10-15% for items under 100$ and more for over 100 if you belong to any club or organization. Never support shops that don't!!